July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hampton!

I just want to wish a Happy First Birthday to Miss Hampton, the cutest puppy ever! She belongs to Blakely, my brother's fiance. I've kept her a lot while Blakely has been out of town and I always enjoy it! We feel like Hampton is a member of the family.. a very hyper member!!! Here are some pics:

We brought Hampy to the airport with us when Matt came home for Christmas!

Aww, the first time Matt got to see his puppy in person =)

Whenever she comes over, Hampton and I spend a lot of time watching tv on the couch. Her favorite part is when someone on the tv rings a doorbell...

Cute little profile...

Sometimes, I wake her up taking pictures of her.

And, here she is in her favorite spot at our house: the back of the couch.

Happy Birthday, Hampy!
And.. don't worry. I'm going to get you a little puppy cousin to play with soon!



Matt Ridings said...

Happy Birthday Hamp!! Love the pics! get her a cousin!!