July 14, 2011

Ottoman Makeover

First of all, I hope you like my new blog layout. It took me a few days to figure out how to get it like I wanted it. The background came from here and the header came from here. With a little Photoshop, of course. Now, on to the ottoman...

As I told you in my last post, I found a great ottoman at Goodwill for $12. I actually specifically went to Goodwill to try and find an ottoman and was so excited to find a great one on the first try! Here's what it looked like when I brought it home...

My mom and I (well, mostly just my mom) turned this ugly little ottoman into something great. We bought white duck cloth at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. Love that. Then, I searched the Internet for inspiration. Here are some ottomans I liked:

Link: here

Link: here

Link: here

Once we found some pictures to try and copy, my mom got to work and I tried my best to keep up. Here's what she came up with...

Isn't it super cute? I think she did a great job!

Another angle...

And a close-up of the sweet little pleats.

The best part? It's totally removable and washable. I know this for a fact because somebody already spilled red Gatorade on it. But, with a little bleach, it came right out! Ha.

And, here's what we she is tackling next!

Don't I have the best mom in the world???