July 12, 2011

School Projects

I've been busy this summer making some fun little additions to my classroom. I like all things bright and fun and I think all of these fit the bill! Most of these ideas came from other blogs and Pinterest. I decided this summer to actually attempt some of them!

I got this idea from here. What a fun way to display some positive rules for my kiddos to follow! All I need to do is laminate these and hang them up above the behavior clips.

I made this fun little guy to hang outside my door and greet everybody who walks by =)

This one might be my favorite. I love, love The Wizard of Oz! So when I saw this quote here, I pretty much had to make one. I wanted to frame this in red, but a ribbon is much cheaper...

I've noticed that pennants are sweeping blog-land lately, and I'm a big fan. So, I copied this when I found it on Pinterest. Just a fun little sign to sit on the back shelf.

Okay, this is a terrible picture. And my mom thinks I'm crazzzzy for making this. But, I stand by my decision! It will look great hanging in my room and it's so colorful and fun!
Link: here

And, what's not to love about a Dr. Suess quote?

It's been so fun this summer creating things that I've found online!



M.E. Hall said...

I made the same writing poster too! Love it!!!