July 13, 2011

Some Fun Finds

I've tried so hard not to shop for my new house. Really, I have.  But at the end of the day, if I find a good bargain and I love something, I can't NOT get it! Right??? Here are some of my recent house purchases...

Let's start with the biggest. I've been on the lookout for a tv cabinet with some storage. So when I walked into Finder's Keeper's, I fell in love with this little big beauty. It's pretty old, but really sturdy and was a GREAT price. It's hard to tell, but the bars on the doors are wrought iron.

This was the piece that I actually NEEDED the most. I found it at the Graceworks Furniture Sale in Franklin for $120. If you ever need some cheap furniture in pretty good shape, that's the place to go! I wanted a dresser that I could paint... but, after getting this home, I decided it's too pretty to paint!

I also got this gray chair from Finder's Keeper's. It looks shiny in this picture, but it's not. I loved the size, the fact that it was in GREAT shape, and the low price. It will be perfect for the den.

This dirty little ottoman came from Goodwill. It cost $12. There were big plans for this ottoman and I'll show you soon what it looks like now ;)

This one might be my favorite. And, it was free! My grandfather gave me this sweet little table out of his garage. It was his grandmother's... so, it's obviously very old. It had a lot of scratches and bad places on it and I was worried I would have to paint it to make it look good. But, after rubbing it with some furniture polish, it looks great! 

This great lamp came from Homegood's. I think it was $29.99. It came in this gold color, red and orange. It looks so pretty lit up!

Here's another freebie! My mom gave me this awesome window arch to put over my couch. We painted it with teal chalk paint and distressed it. I love it!

These next two pictures are my big splurges. I ordered these chevron pillows (two teal and one brown) from ETSY. I think the shop was called The Lacey Placey. It cost about $45, including shipping. I obviously need to stuff and iron them but they are so cute and really well-made.

 Anytime I go to Old Time Pottery, I go through the fabric and I've found some great stuff that I really love. I've bought a couple of things and put them away for when I had a place of my own. But, I've really struggled to find THE fabric I wanted for my den. When I ran into these curtains at World Market a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love. I like the suzani print, the bright colors and the fact that they are lined and really long.

I can't wait to see how it all looks!