August 4, 2011

The "Before" Pics...

Well, guys. It's official. I'm a homeowner!

I have lots to share. But, I wanted to put some before pictures on here so I will remember what my house looked like on the day that I bought it.

I closed on the house last Friday.

This is the front room. It was intended to be a dining room, but I'm just using it as a living room.
I love the big window!

This is the hallway that leads from the front room to the back of the house. It goes right through the kitchen area. I love the arch at the top!

Obviously, this is the kitchen. It looks over the den. I was so excited to get to pick out all the cabinets, counters and flooring.

Another view of the kitchen...

No idea why this picture is so dark. But, this is the den.

This is another view of the den so you can see the actual wall color :)

This is my bedroom! It's another dark picture, but the wall color is the same as the rest of the house.

And, this is the master bathroom.

Super proud of my new keys :)

Stay tuned for some updated pics soon!!!