September 18, 2011

Fall-ish Fun

I haven't done a lot of house-related posts lately. To be real honest, my whole life has been teaching lately and I haven't done a lot of house shopping or decorating. But, I went shopping with my mom yesterday and found some cute things. And, I brought them home and set them out. Then, I decided it was the perfect time to fall-ify my house.

The shopping frenzy actually started this week when I made an ETSY purchase I had been debating about for a while. I wanted some new pillows for my couch.

Swoon. I love them.

And, when I saw that the seller was offering free shipping, I was sold. I ordered two. They'll be here this week. I'll keep you posted :)

I also bought these two redish-orange pillows at Pier 1. The den has just felt so blah to me. It needed color badly. Especially in the fall/winter. I know what you're thinking... that's a ton of pillows. But I have two chairs at the other end of the room that each hold a pillow.

I think I'm going to put either the new ETSY pillows or the two Pier 1 pillows in those chairs to give the other side of the room some color, too. I love the blue. But,  I think I like them better WITH another bright color.

I hung this fall wreath on the wrought-iron gate in the kitchen.

I still need to get pictures for some of my frames, ha.

I changed the quote on my chalkboard and added a fall-ish swag to the top.

I added a sign over the oven.

Then I stuck a pumpkin on top of a candle holder and added a plant that was on sale at Potterybarn to the table in the den.

My mom said I should post more "close-up" pictures on my blog. So, here you go.

And, I added some cute pumpkins to the remote-caddy on the coffee table.

I also bought this new chair that you can read about here.

All in all, a successful shopping trip. I still need to find something "fall-ish" to hang on my door. But, I refuse to pay $35 for a wreath and I don't like fake leaves... so, looks like I may need to make something. 

Well, I'm off to watch the Titans... thanks for reading!


M.E. Hall said...

Your home looks very warm and cute! Great fall colors!