September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Man, oh man. What a crazy last couple of weeks! I just finished my third week of school and it's been quite an adventure... to say the least. But, those kiddos are finally starting to feel like they're "mine" and we are getting more and more into a routine every day.

All that to say... I couldn't have been more excited to get a three day weekend! Labor Day always comes at just the right time. We always head to my grandma's for Labor Day to spend time with family. This year was extra-special because my little bro Matt JUST got home from Burlington, NC where he was playing baseball. He hasn't been home since January so we were so excited to spend some time with him! Here are some pictures from our weekend...

We played lots and lots of card games. Because, really? What else is there to do there?

I'm not trying to brag. But, I totally won a hand of Uno and possibly the funniest game of Apples to Apples ever played. Let's just say we found a new appreciation for the "write your own" cards in Apples to Apples. Ha!

On Saturday, we went to the parade. We saw lots of family that we don't get to see that often. I can't believe Mattie is a big ole' first grader now! We get one of these pictures every year :)

Aunt Connie and Steven watching the LOUD firetrucks.

Blakely came with us, too. She's been twice now... so she's officially a regular!

Willie Nelson look-alike riding on a float = always fun.

Mattie showed me her candy stash. The best part of the parade, in my humble opinion.

It was H-O-T!

Me and my mom at the parade.

It was good to see y'all, Amanda!

(Just kidding. I made them stand like that so I could make fun of them.)

Saturday night, my mom walked over to my Great Aunt and Uncle's house to visit with them. When she came back in the house, she told us that she saw a little animal out in the yard. So, of course, we all went running and screaming out the front door like idiots to find it. And, it was this sweet little bunny! How cute is that! Steven caught it, which totally reminds me of when we were little kids and he used to chase us with bullfrogs that he caught in the yard. Ha! We obviously let the little thing go because NO WAY would my grandmother even let us bring it in the garage.

But, how sweet is that little face?

My grandma got "stranded" at church this morning. (Not really. She's just a little dramatic.)

Even though she was standing by the car, she couldn't find my aunt and thought she had left without her. So, she called us and told us she was stranded at church and to come get her. We had already left. And, by the way, she lives less than a mile from the church. We kept saying... "If the car is there, then Aunt Connie is still in the church!" But, Matt and Blakely went to "rescue" her anyway :)

Speaking of my Aunt Connie, she brought us some beautiful hydrangeas from her yard. Thanks so much... I love them!

And, on a totally different note, check out the new pillow my mom picked out for me when she went to Burlington! It's the perfect color for my room!

That's basically the only house addition I've added since school starts. Ha. But, it does make my bed feel more complete.

I have to say, we had a great weekend!


Amanda said...

This made me laugh...thanks for the pics. I'll have to show Mattie in the morning. She will be so excited!