September 17, 2011

Musical Chairs

When I moved into my new place, my mom found me a cute little black chair to go with my desk in my room. It was a great $8 find at Goodwill. Only, the not so great part? It broke. Right after I moved in. I've honest-to-goodness been sitting on a three-legged chair at my computer for the last two months. It was TIME to take the plunge and get a new chair.

My mom and I went to a couple of antique/thrift stores to find a chair. But, you know what? I wasn't in the mood. I wanted something that was going to be sturdy. And hold up for a long time. And, most of all? I wanted it to be cute. So, we took our search to Pier 1: the loveliest store on earth.

I decided to purchase a chair and a slipcover. I thought the green and white fabric would look awesome in my bedroom. Here's what I bought:

You know how I feel about pleats.

And, check out the back...

To. Die. For.

So, here's the problem.

When I got this sweet little chair home, I just set it in the front room as I was doing some cleaning. And, the more I walked around the chair in the room, I kind of started to like it in there. Gasp.

Am I crazy?

I know the fabrics are a little busy together. But, I think the fact that the chair is just green and white really helps to tone it down. I guess I'm saying... it's a little funky, but I'm okay with a little funky :)

Then I moved it to the other side of the table and I liked it there too!

That one little chair just makes that room feel complete.

I honestly don't even HATE it here. Although, it wouldn't be my first choice.

So, then I took it into the kitchen. Just to see...

and I like it there too!

What am I going to do???

I took it upstairs and, of course, it looks great at my desk. I knew it would.

It even looks great beside my bed.

Ya'll. I'm stumped. What do I do with this chair?

Carry it around with me from room to room?
Put it in the front room and then get a new, cheap chair for my desk?
Leave it at my desk and find something new for the front room?

I guess, either way, I scored a great new chair :)



Cindy said...

maybe you need to buy 3 more chairs, then you have one for each :D i do love the fabric. great chair....

hugs, cindy