October 21, 2011

House Updates

I've been shopping and I've gotten a few fun items for the new house. It's starting to feel more and more complete!

First of all, my chevron rug that I ordered from Urban Outfitters arrived! I ordered it over a month ago and it's been the biggest pain. I kept checking my bank account and it never appeared, so I thought maybe I had made a mistake in ordering it. And, I debated about whether to order a new one... and had honestly decided I would just look for a rug somewhere else. But, lo and behold, the UPS man brought it Wednesday night... what a nice surprise!

Isn't it nice? The picture is misleading because it's a darker gray... and the weaving in the rug is really nice! I'm VERY pleasantly surprised at how well this rug was made.

As with everything, there's the dilemna about where to put it: the den or the front room. I bought it for the kitchen, but I think it's just toobig for that space.

Here are the options:

this room


this room.
I can't decide if there's too much chevron in the den. It's going to stay there for now until I can decide.

Also, my new ETSY pillows came in a while ago. I like them... I wouldn't say I love them on these chairs because they're a little big. I'm still working on the right pillow combination... such problems, I tell ya!

Here's the complete look. I defintely like them more than the blue pillows!

I bought this HUGE rustic mirror at TJ Maxx yesterday. I can't even express how excited I was when I saw that it was pretty affordable! I grabbed it up and carried all over the store... which, if you can't tell, it's heavy.

Here's a close-up.

On the opposite wall from the mirror, there was a round clock that belongs to my roomie Claire. It looked kind of weird to have circles right beside each other. Sooooo... I moved the clock to another wall and I started hanging up some stuff I had to make a collage wall. What do you think?

The two gray frames came from the flea market. The Keep Calm poster was where the big mirror is now. It might need another item or two to make it look more complete. Don't worry: I'm going to the flea market again this weekend :)

A close-up shot...

And, a view from straight ahead.

The more I look at it, the more I'm starting to like it!

And, lastly, I bought these two oil paintings to put in the hallway upstairs. I will eventually frame them. But, they look fine as is.

It's been Fall Break around here: so, that's why I've had time to do all this shopping.

I went to the beach and had a great time!

Now, it's back to life and I've spent the second half of the week getting my car tested and getting cavities filled... ahhh, so fun!

As always, thanks for reading!