October 23, 2011

A New Old Painting

I went to the Nashville Flea Market this weekend with my mom. Everybody knows that October is the BEST month to go there because it's the biggest one! And, the weather is always great: not too hot and not too cold. My mom and I  made a deal that we wouldn't even go to the inside booths this time because there was so much extra stuff outside. And, the outside is my favorite anyway because it's where all the furniture is. If I had to pick only one place that I had to shop at the rest of my life it would HANDS DOWN be this flea market. That's how much I love it!

As we were walking around outside, something caught my eye. An awesome painting. A really old awesome painting. I asked my mom if I was crazy. "Is that amazing, or no?" She agreed that it was a great piece of art. I mostly liked the colors in it. It has a realllly old and kind-of unintentionally distressed frame. The mat surrounding it is stained. But, ya'll? What can I say? The heart wants what it wants. Ha.

So, I decided to ask about the price. The guy working the booth sold me some ridiculous load of  you-know-what about how it's an original and was from a French painter and it was worth hundreds of dollars and blah, blah, blah. I didn't believe a word of it. But, I wasn;t interested in it because of all that. I just liked it. So, sold.

I brought it home and it's found a new (maybe temporary?) home...

right on top of my favorite flea-market purchase of all time.

Here's a close-up.

You can probably notice the stains on the mat. They don't really bother me because you know I love me some "old" stuff. But, I may paint that mat someday. It's an option. I won't be doing it any day soon, though. Ha.

Of course, in putting the painting over the cabinet, I had to find a new place for the teal architectural piece that was sitting there. I just shifted it over to the side to give the wall some more color. It looks random, I have to say. But, I do have plans to put a floor-length lamp in that corner behind the chair. So, maybe it will look better then. If not, I'll move it somewhere else. No big deal. I'm having a lot of fun moving stuff around right now, in case you haven't noticed!

So, this is the before...

and this is the after.

I think it's an improvement.

This room has always felt pretty random to me and a little bare. But, it's only been a few months since I moved in and I think it will just take a little time for me to find inspiration for this room.

But, I'm sure having fun trying to figure it out!