October 2, 2011

My Other Passion :)

So, usually I do posts about teaching or decorating. Those are things I'm very passionate about. But, I have another passion. And, if you know me, you know what that passion is: reality tv. Ha! I don't know why... but, I LOVE IT! It's funny. It's dramatic. It's entertaining. And, it's really fun to talk about it with people the next day. Right, Melissa??? Just because it's fun, I thought I would do a TOP TEN list of my favorite reality tv shows. So, here we go...

10. Flipping Out (Bravo)

Description: In all honesty, I just started watching this show a few months ago. I think it's in its 5th season now. But, yall? It's sooo funny! Jeff Lewis is a professional house flipper. He buys houses in LA and then renovates and flips them. He's totally OCD, controlling and completely sarcastic. Which, awesome. Oh, and the title? That's because this guy will LOSE IT about twice an episode... also awesome. His crew is amazingly funny as well. Especially Zoila, the housekeeper.
Favorite Character: It has to go to Zoila. She barely speaks English. But, I swear. She has the best one liners. And, she is basically the only person who will call out Jeff on his ridiculousness.

9. Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC)

Description: There is just something about this show that just draws me in. Maybe it's the little girls that throw tantrums and are praised for being a "diva." Maybe it's all the flippers (fake teeth), makeup and sequins. Or, maybe it's because the mommas on this show are CRAZY!  They are all living out their lives through their poor children. There are a few reoccuring "toddlers" on this show and they are my favorites to watch. Obviously, they bring the drama.

Favorite Character: Makenzie. She's a 4 year old little girl with a huge attitude. And, she still uses a paci, which she calls her "nini." That girl had some very funny moments: like when she calls her paci a "hard-working lady" and when she tells her mom she's "driving {her} nuts." (I'm properly embarrassed that I know this and am proclaiming my entertainment of it on the Internet. Just so you know.)

8. The Bachelor/Bachelorette (ABC)
(Um, how funny is this picture of Jake?)

Description: Watching people try to find their "one true love" on national TV is aces. It's so entertaining! Plus, add in alcohol, desperation and an annoyingly dramatic host and you have a recipe for awesome. I've never seen so much crying in my life... except, of course, on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Favorite Character: This is kind of hard because there are so many characters to love and "love to hate." But, my favorite guy has probably been JP from Ashley's season. He was just so sweet and nice and, ahem, smokin' hot. My favorite girl was Emily from Brad's season. She just seemed really nice and genuine.

7. Real Housewives of New York (Bravo)

Description: I love all the "Real Housewives" seasons. But, I had to only choose a couple for this list and the New York ladies were a no-brainer. I mean, come on! You couldn't write a show this entertaining. There are funny characters (Jill and Sonja), crazy-pants characters (Kelly), holier-than-thou characters (LuAnn), and irrelevant characters (Alex). And then there's Ramona. She's in a league of her own.

Favorite Character: Um, I guess if I had to say (and I totally do), I'd say my favorite is Ramona. Just because she's nuts. And, nuts = fun to watch. Plus, who can forget Turtle Time??? A close second would be LuAnn, solely because she wrote and starred in the song Money Can't Buy You Class. I suggest you Google that asap.... I'll wait here.

6. Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Description: Abby Miller is a dance instructor in Pittsburgh. And, y'all? She's fierce. She's a screamer, yeller and pusher. But, the moms on this show are worse. I LOVE to watch all their antics. They yell at their kid's teacher right in front of them, swear like sailors and are so jealous of the "star" Maddie that they can't even see straight. And the little girls on this show are just so darn adorable. My roomie, Claire, got me hooked on this show and I am forever grateful!

Favorite Character: That would have to be the ever-so-cute Mackenzie. She's the youngest of the girls and she has the best quotes. My favorite? "Abby always talks but nobody knows what she's talking about." Which, is so spot on. Kids really do see it like it is. Ha!

5. Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Description: It's just all drama. All the time. Plus, it involves strategy and alliances. So, win/win, right?

Favorite Character: My favorite character this season was Ella. Because she's from Tennessee. And, she's normal. Two rare occurrences in reality TV.

4. Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)

Description: I think this is my absolute favorite of the Real Housewives franchises. I enjoy it because these ladies bring the crazy every episode. And, when they got rid of Danielle, I thought the show would go down-hill. But, it's been even better with the additions of Kathy and Melissa. My only complaint: get rid of Caroline. She's old, absolutely no fun and waaaay to opinionated.

Favorite Character: I know she's insane. And, I know she's in legal trouble up to her eyeballs. And, I defintely know she's a terrible parent. But, I am going to go ahead and confess my adoration of Theresa. I can't stop watching her! I honestly think she's really funny and her family is sooo entertaining to watch. Her daughter Milania should have her own show. Just trust me.
3. Teen Mom (MTV)

Description: Sigh. I LOVE this show! Cute babies? Check. Drama? Check. Funny? Double check. The funny comes largely from Amber and Gary. They fight and make up and get back together every. single. episode. I mean, how can you NOT get wrapped up in watching that?

Favorite Character: The babies. Did I mention how cute they are? And, I just want to take Leah and bring her home with me. She deserves a house where people get off the couch and eat things other than Taco Bell. Wait. Maybe my house isn't much better... ha!

2. Bethenny Ever After (Bravo)

Description: Y'all, I LOVE Bethenny! She is seriously the funniest person ever. Although, she's totally nuts. Which is a WINNING combination, if you ask me. I think her husband is a saint and seems so nice and patient. She has an adorable baby and last season, she had the funniest baby nurse ever. I can't wait for the new season of this show to start!

Favorite Character: Obviously, it's Bethenny. She's hilarious. My goal in life is to be as funny as she is.

1. Survivor (CBS)

Description: I might be the biggest Survivor nerd on the planet. I watch all the seasons. And, some of my friends and I have a Survivor watching party every week. So, clearly, this is my favorite show. Maybe of all time. I love the strategy and alliances. I love the challenges. And, I mostly just love to watch people embarass themselves on TV week after week. 

Favorite Character: Boston Rob! Always and forever. He plays reality TV shows like it's his job. (Which, technically, it might actually be his job.) He is nice to people and plays an amazing social game. But, he also knows that it's just that: a game. And, he's not afraid to cut ties and get rid of people that he knows will beat him or who won't play by his rules. He's a genious, I tell ya! Plus, sexy Boston accent. Just sayin.

So, all that to say, I love reality TV.
Could you tell?

*Disclaimer: This post took me a month and a half to finish. Quite a waste of time, huh? I promise I'll be back sometime soon with soemthing worthwhile. Or, at least, more worthwhile than this...