November 22, 2011

60 Sucks!

Last week, we had a big birthday at school.

 Nancy had her 60th birthday!

Since we all love Nancy so much, several of the girls on my team decided to deck out her classroom door for her. It turned out pretty cute, I have to say!

I had found the idea of using suckers to make a bouquet on Pinterest. I was going to write "60 Sucks!" on the sucker bouquet and give it to her. But, once we decided to decorate the door, we didn't think that was super nice for the kiddos in the hallway to see. So, I had to modify the words a little bit.

I also decided to turn the bouquet into a wreath. It was SO easy to make the sucker wreath. I just bought a couple of bags of suckers and a styrofoam wreath. I spent about an hour just sticking the suckers in. Not a bad gig! Although, I am still finding hunks of green styrofoam in my bedroom carpet - ha!

These are the words I decided to go with.

And, here's the finished product! I wish I had spray painted the wreath before I started. But, it was awfully rainy last week and I was not about to spray paint in my new house.

Here's the birthday girl in front of her door. Check out the anchor chart we made about her :)

So, in honor of Big Flex's birthday, I'm going to list 60 things I love about her! Here we go...

Just kidding.

But, I will list 6 things. And, believe me. It's pretty hard to narrow it down to 6 things. Miss Nancy is a pretty special lady, if you ask me.


1. She always, always, always makes me laugh. She's for real the funniest thing ever. It's so fun to work with her because it is NEVER dull! Ha.

2. She would do anything in the world for me and all I would have to do is ask. I've never met a more selfless person in my life. I really appreciate how she looks out for me.

3. She has the best eye rolls. And, she uses them at the best times.

4. She's taught me so much about being a good teacher. She just oozes calmness and experience. She was SUCH a help to me as a new teacher.

5. She's an amazing cook. And, she loves to share. Therefore, I can't hardly fit in my pants anymore. But, it's worth it for those lemon cupcakes!

6. She's just Nancy. I can't imagine life at Cole Elementary without her. I'm so thankful to have her as a friend.

I hope it was a great one :)