November 12, 2011

Just Keeping It Real...

I've gotten a couple new house additions in the last two weeks. Nothing major. Just some little odds and ends.

My sweet grandmother, Momma Jean, passed away a couple of years ago. We were very close and she was somebody that I just really enjoyed being around. She was goofy and funny and dramatic and opinionated. I'm sure you can see why we got along so well :) She was so proud of me for being a teacher and she LOVED to buy things for my classroom. She just about single-handedly stocked my classroom library my first year of teaching!

One of the things she gave me was a rocking chair for my classroom. I had told her that I wanted one... but, I didn't want one of those big ol' Cracker Barrel looking chairs that took up a ton of space. So, she searched high and low and she found me the sweetest little rocking chair. I used it in my classroom for two years. It's been sitting in my parents garage ever since. 

Well, I got it out last weekend and dusted it off. And, put it in its new place:

I like it there. It's definitely on the small side. But, it makes the room feel more full.

I also got a cute little lamp at Target to put in this room.

I like it because it gives the room some extra light. I added the tassel myself. I do love a good tassel.

And, see that white urn that the hydrangeas are in? I got that last weekend from my other grandmother. She was just giving things away... so, I snagged it up :)

Just keeping it real: I didin't even remove the hydrangeas from the vase they were previously in. I just put the old vase inside the urn. How lazy is that?

And, speaking of keeping it real? I look at a lot of blogs. And, I've seen millions and millions of decorated rooms on them. And, there's never a sock on the floor or a thing out of place. I think people ony take pictures of their house when it's perfect. And, I am TOTALLY guilty of that myself. So, I'm going to show you what life is really like around here :)

This would be a massive pile of clean laundry. On my floor. And, a random box that's been sitting beside my door for the last week just waiting to be carried down to the trashcan.

Those bags on the dresser? Yeah, that's not new stuff. It's trash.

My super organized closet.

Luckily, after I took these pictures, I did clean it all up.

Here's the bowl of Halloween candy that has taken up permament residence under my nightstand.

 And, ladies and gentlemen, here is the parade of dead plants:

front porch,

back porch,

and even in the den.

And, the crowning glory?

Yeah. That would be the chunk of sidewalk right in front of my house that I broke off when I pulled in to my parking spot too far.
I don't even have any words. And, check out those cigarette butts. No idea where they came from. Probably the massive construction site across the street. Have I mentioned that the view out my front window right now is a dumpster? Nice.

Anyways, I just thought I'd show you what it REALLY looks like over here at my house.