November 2, 2011

A Lesson To All...

Sometimes, in first grade, we have a little trouble controlling ourselves at centers. I have a reallly good class. In fact, I adore them! But, there are times when friends have to take  a little "time out" and go back to their seats. I'm not huge on giving a ton of warnings for center behavior because my friend Debbie Diller (at least, she's my friend in my mind...) taught me that centers are a privilege, not a right. So, you get one shot and if you're acting out, you're done.

To keep them from just sitting there and wasting time, I sometimes ask them to get out their journals and tell me why they had to sit out at center time. One of my sweet girls had to sit out today during math centers. She went back to her seat (VERY reluctantly, I might add) and got busy writing. I carried on with my small group and then asked the kids to start cleaning up. As they were cleaning, I walked over to her desk to talk with her and I glanced at what she had written:

In case you don't read "first grade," it says: "I can't go to centers because I didn't do centers right. And I yelled. I'm so so sorry. Let this be a lesson to all. Never do centers wrong."

I think my laughing might have undermined my talk with her about her behavior at centers today.

So, let this be a lesson to all: If you can make Ms. Ridings laugh, she might forgive you when you get too loud at centers :)


Jill said...

That is hilarious!! I would have kept that forever and showed it to everyone I know!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! Will try with my first graders this week