November 6, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

We had the most fun week! I've been teaching for 5 years... but, I've never thought to celebrate the 50th day of school! I'm shocked at myself, really.

When I saw Cara Carroll's 50th day unit on The First Grade Parade, I just knew I had to teach my sweet kiddos allll about the 1950's. We actually had the 50th day of school on Monday... but, we stretched the unit out all week.

On Monday, we used a Power Point to learn all about the 1950's. The kids were just sooo into it! I was so shocked at what they remembered and talked about thoughout the week. My favorite part of the Power Point was when  a picture of Marilyn Monroe popped onto the screen and one of my precious kiddos yelled "There's Taylor Swift!" Noooot quite, ha.

In Math, we did the 50th day booklet. It was great because it gave us a bunch of oppurtunities to count to 50 and practice making 50.

On Tuesday, we played Roll-A-Record in Math. The kids loved using dice to fill in 50 records. I loved it because it gave them something to do so that I could pull back my low babies and work with them. I differentiate their math centers... so, they were shocked that they all got to do the same activity!

On Wednesday, we read a big book called Things Have Changed! Then, we used venn diagrams from Mrs. Carroll's unit to compare their lives to life in the 1950's.

I wanted my kids to do some kind of group project about the 1950's. They really seemed to want to discuss it and talk about it and I knew that they would come up with some good ideas if I encouraged them to do so. So, I printed off labels and let them work with their teams to make posters about the 1950's. They honestly didn't turn out great. But, I had to keep two things in mind: 1. it was their first time to work in groups like that and be completely responsible for doing something by themselves and 2. it's not always about the finished project... it's about the process. They WERE deep in discussion about the 1950's and they WERE developing social skills in how to work together. So, I guess it doesn't matter that they randomly drew hearts and stars and smiley faces all over their projects :)

Again, please don't judge me. Ha.

On Friday, we let the kids dress up. I can't post pictures of the kids on here. But, believe me. They were A-DORABLE. We also made root-beer floats. The kids thought they were pretty much the best things ever. As I was walking around pouring root beer into their cups of ice cream, I heard one little boy say " Mr. High (our principal) is realllly not gonna' like this!" Ha. I told him not to worry about it ;)

I had a hard time getting pictures of the floats because by the time I got my camera out, those floats were about gone!

The kids kept saying " I hope the frizz doesn't get on my desk!"

After we drank our floats, we completed a graph about our data.

We had such a great week learning about the 1950's. And, I would totally recommend Mrs. Carroll's unit over at Teacher's Pay Teachers. I'm not really big on buying units because I can usually make anything I need. But, ya'll? It was 4 bucks. And, totally worth every penny.

We winded down Friday afternoon with a little Wizard of Oz. I've been reading it to my kiddos and we've been filling in a chart about Dorothy.

My kids are now completely and totally OBSESSED with this book. They are sooo into it! And, it doesn't hurt that it's my favorite movie of all time. So, I could talk about it for days. We've had some really good discussion about the book and I've been shocked at how much they understand it. I think most of them have seen the movie and some of them led us in a chorus of "Follow The Yellow Brick Road." Ha. One little girl turned around while we were reading a particularly tense moment and said "Don't worry guys, it's all just a dream." So, I guess we can just skip the ending :)

When we finish the book, I have some ideas of some things we're going to do with it. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!


Delighted said...

I haven't celebrated the 50th day in my class either! It sounds like you had so much fun. Note to self, celebrate it next year!!!

First Grade Delight