November 12, 2011

This and That

Oh. My. Word. What a week! I'm pretty sure this week ranked right up there as one of the most stressful in my teaching career. We had assemblies and picture day and progress monitoring and a culture fair and multiple meetings after school. And, the kids basically lost their sweet little minds. Maye it was the full moon... or, maybe it was because we got off our schedule. Probably a little bit of both. I'm just glad it's the weekend and I'm so thankful that Monday we can start over :)

We did manage to do one cute activity that I wanted to share. We've been working on contractions the last few days. So, I decided to have my kids make some of those cute caterpillar contractions I've been seeing all over Pinterest. But, of course, I had to add my own little twist to them!

I had in my room a little pad of round circles that had a clip through them that I got at the Parent Teacher Store. I usually use them to make flash cards for the kids. I pulled those circles off of there and gave every kid three. I cut six little rectangles out of index cards for the legs.

We did each part together, one step at a time. I had the kids write two words on two legs and then write the contraction on a big circle. I did give them all the same ones. If they were a little older, or if it hadn't been such a crazy week (see above), I might have let them make their own.

After we made the caterpillars, I gave them pom-poms for the tails, googly eyes and two pieces of gift wrap ribbon for the antennas.

Then, the next day, I had the kids write about their catrepillars. I told them they had to have one sentence using each of their three contractions.

Love that this little friend named his caterpillar Goldilocks.

And, here's the little sign I hung above them in the hallway. I'm trying to be good about making cute signs so I will have them for next year.

On a totally unrelated note, we studied short u this week. I pulled out this worksheet that I made last year as extra practice. The kids were literally GIGGLING as they read these riddles. It was the funniest thing ever. I may have to make some more... just to hear them laugh ;)

And, I just have to say. I am SO EXCITED about some of the fun Thanksgiving stuff we're going to do next week. I've been hard at work getting ready.

I made this anchor chart for us to record information we learn about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

It should be noted that I made a vow to myself this very week that I would stop making anchor charts that took prep work because it's not always the best use of my time.

You can see how long that lasted :)

I also made a Thanksgiving book for them to fill out and some graphic organizers. Here's a little peek...

There's a Pilgrim one, too.

Well, I guess that's all for this week.

 Here's to hoping next week is a little bit calmer :)


Delighted said...

Adorable caterpillars!!! Is it okay if I borrow your additional ideas to the activity. Love all of it!
First Grade Delight