December 13, 2011

A Little Holiday Cheer!

Wow, long time... no blog! Sorry about that. I've been a little busy! School is running me ragged... but, in a good way :) Between Winter Festivals and yearbook meetings and after-school tutoring two days a week and lots and lots of meetings... that doesn't leave a lot of blog time. But, I'm going to try to be better! Promise.

I spent a large chunk of time this weekend cooking. Which, if you know me, is not a regular occurence! I made three HUGE bowls of this:

Heaven. On. Earth... I tell ya!

I found it on Pinterest (of course) and it's called Snowflake Mix. It's the easiest thing ever because all you do is mix up Chex Mix, marshmallows, pretzels and peanuts. Then, you melt white chocolate and stir all it all together. I waited to add the M&M's until the end so they would keep their festive colors. And, I made the executive decision to go with the cinnamon-flavored Chex Mix. I think it was a good choice... because, this stuff is YUM! I seriously have been eating it for three days. Good thing I made it for my sweet teammates... otherwise, it would probably be gone already.

In First Grade, we've been doing all kinds of fun Christmas-y things! We spent most of yesterday talking about my favorite Christmas character... the Grinch! We read the book, then we filled out a chart of adjectives about the cranky green guy.

I've never been more proud of an anchor chart in my life.
That took me a WHILE to draw, ha!

We made Grinch-y similes using our anchor chart. We wrote adjectives on a heart and then we colored a cute little Grinch. The kids wrote three or four similes and then i went around and had them put the best two on index cards. When we put it all together, it looked like this:

They turned out so funny!

We also did two little graphic organizers.

I used lots of activities from here and here. Because, they're the best and they have the most creative ideas!

During Math, we made some sweet little holiday wreaths for the kiddos to take home. I've been making these for the last five years, and I think they are dang cute! The kids have a ball making them.

I usually go with a red and white polka-dot ribbon. But, I randomly chose blue this year and I'm super happy with the choice... they're fun and festive :)

The kids were so excited to take them home today. They all told me where they're going to hang them in their houses!

Today was all about the reindeer! I didn't get pictures yet, but I will show you soon. Stay tuned!


M.E. Hall said...

The wreaths turned out very cute! Love the bow! I am going to have to hunt down the snow flake mix to make for my teacher team mates!

Laura said...

We've had parents send in this for our shared snack in the past - I like your name better though - I've always been told it was called "white trash" :)

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