December 14, 2011

Santa and Reindeer Crafts

My little elves have been HARD AT WORK! I posted yesterday about our Grinch activities on Monday. Yesterday and today we focused on Santa and his reindeer. And, I'm pretty sure we're done. I don't think I can handle another "craftivity" right now. But, all their stuff turned out great and they are so proud of it all... so, I guess that's all that counts!

Tuesday afternoon, my kids made these adorable Christmas trees that have been sweeping blogland lately. I know a lot of classes at our school did this project this week. But, they all turned out so good and so different!

They were really easy! I just gave them green paper and some "inchworms" to measure. I had them cut 6 strips: one 1 inch strip, one 2 inch strip, one 3 inch strip, etc... Then, they had to put them in order and label them. I gave them a big stack of old scrapbook paper to decorate them. I'm not even kidding: they worked on these for an hour!

Here's a close-up of a particularly good one :)

In Reading, we focused on reindeer. We started off with a T-Chart.

We used the charts we made to write sentences about reindeer. And, by the way, these charts are THE BOMB for getting first graders to write sentences. Just sayin!

After we wrote about reindeer, I let the kids make one. I think they turned out so cute! They are all different, which is kind of great. I gave them a little button to use as the reindeer's nose and let them use their finger prints to make snow. We tore green scrapbook paper to make the ground.

We also did a little reindeer mad libs activity with the Rudolph song. I didn't take any pictures because they didn't look all that cute. But, believe me when I say that I have NEVER seen my kiddos laugh harder. EVER.

Today was all about the big man in the red suit. We had made these tear-paper Santas last Friday. I think they're fun :)

The kids thought it was so fun that they couldn't use their scissors! Some of them were a little stressed... just a tad. But, they turned out great!

Today, they worked with a partner to fill in a bubble map about Santa Claus.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Yeah, that says "Santa has a beer." I'm thinking it was probably supposed to be "beard".... but, you never know. Life is never dull in first grade, that's for sure!

And, then the kids filled out a Santa To-Do List. They were funny to read!

Oh, and while my kiddos were finishing all that up... I was finishing up these.

Those would be shirts that the kids I tutor after school made yesterday. You see, tomorrow is Holiday Spirit day at school And, we're taking the tutoring kids caroling at some houses round school. They will look sooo festive in their cute shirts. I for sure have one, too! Can't wait to wear it :)

My little first graders were SUPREMELY jealous that these shirts were not for them.

Finally, this afternoon, we read Santa's Stuck and wrote about what we would do if Santa was stuck in our chimneys. I got the idea from The First Grade Parade. We made these cute little Santa legs and chimneys.

I hung them out in the hallway with the Santas.

So, yeah. As I said, we're about done. I don't think I have much more cutting and gluing in me. We have some sweet ladies coming tomorrow to help us with our party and we're going to watch The Grinch tomorrow. Friday is just a half day - woo hoo!

I hope everyone has a great last week of school with their kiddos and a great holiday break from school!

Thanks for reading!


Ms. Gruver said...

I love the Christmas Trees! I think I might have my kiddos try that!

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I love your blog! I just gave you the 'Liebster Award' Come on over to my blog and check it out.