January 1, 2012

Who Ya' With?


That would be Vanderbilt University! Yesterday, my dad and brother and I went to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. Our Commodores were playing in only their second bowl game of my lifetime! So, it was kind of a big deal in our family :) It's not always easy being a Vandy fan... but, we're fans nonetheless. And, we're super excited about Coach Franklin and all the new talent and excitement he's brought into the football program.

We left reallllly early yesterday. This was my view the whole time:

Notice Matt texting/tweeting. He does that a lot.

We got to the game early and spent some time walking around.

We met up with our friends the Coffman's and went to wait for the players to get off the bus. It was pretty cool to see everybody cheering and yelling and see the players up close!

This was the line for the player walk.

Here comes the Commodore!

Players. I'll be honest. I don't know who all of them any of them are without their numbers or jerseys, ha.

But, they were big!

There's Coach Franklin.

The Liberty Bowl Stadium
(That's actually what it's called.)

Vandy and the Bearcats warming up before the game.

Me and Matty

Some of the Vandy fans about 30 minutes before the game started.

I put my camera up once the game started. But, we were super glad that the Vandy fans showed up in the masses. There wasn't a spare seat on the Vandy side of the stadium. This is a big deal because Vandy isn't known for it's supportive fanbase. So, it was just exciting to see everybody come to the game!

Vandy lost the game, but it was really close and exciting to watch. We're just proud of them for going 6-6 and making a bowl game on a season when they were expected to win 2 games. 

It was such a fun New Years Eve. But, we were soooo tired when we got home around 10:30. So, we just watched Hampton ring in the new year doing her favorite thing:

chewing a bone :)

Happy New Year!


Laura Starnes said...

Hi Lindsay! I hope you had fun in Memphis yesterday. It was a great day for a bowl game. Sorry for the loss though..believe me, Memphis fans would've LOVED to have seen Vandy take the win. I thought it was funny that Coach Franklin helped count down the New Year on Beale St. =)
Have a great week!

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Jessica said...

I gave you the versatile blogger award. Come check it out!

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Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

Ahh, your dog is too cute :) Loved finding your blog :) Great job :)

Lisa :) (new follower)