February 18, 2012

The Four Seasons

Before I share what I came here to share, I have to show you this picture I found on my camera. I had completely forgotten that I had taken it... but, I'm sooo glad I found it!


It was taken from one of my student's literature circle journals. I don't even know what it is supposed to say... but, the words she wrote are pretty dang funny! You gotta' hate it when you throw your "wore" in the sea and she comes back!

Okay, I'm done laughing now.

We spent this week learning all about weather. And, we also spent our writing time learning about the four seasons. We used the seasons as a guide for the weather we discussed. We started off talking about the difference between warm days and cold days. We did a double bubble Thinking Map to get their little minds a-thinking!

I'm really, really trying to incorporate more Thinking Maps into my instruction. And, lo and behold, the kiddos are pretty dang good at them!

We made an anchor chart about the four seasons. Usually, I seperate their schema and new learning. But, this week, we just listed it all together. It was a great resource for the kids to refer to all week.

They pretty much gave me all that information!

Then, I had themm pick their favorite season and complete a circle map about that season.

Then, we took the information from their circle maps and used it to fill in one of our writing webs. The questions on the web were: What is your favorite season? What is the weather like? What do you do outside in this season? What can you wear? Why is it your favorite season?

These webs REALLY help my kiddos write good paragraphs. I really think it is so helpful to break up their writing into seperate sentences. Anyway, here are a couple of their webs...

These are also great for differentiating work because I have my higher kids write two sentences in each box and my lower kids only have to write one.

After proofreading, we took their webs and transfered their sentences into a paragraph. Here are some of their completed paragraphs.

They certainly aren't perfect. But, you know what? That doesn't matter. I try not to edit them to pieces because of course they can't spell every word... they're six! We just make sure they have capitals and periods and that their sentences make sense. And, I encourage them to spell words that are on the Word Wall correct.

Yesterday, I let them make a tree to show the season they wrote about.





And, here are all the rest:

Not the cutest thing we've ever done... but, the kids were so into it! They worked so hard on their trees and especially their writing. So, I'll chalk this activity up as a success.

Before I go, I wanted to also show this chart we've been using. We've been talking about Sneaky Silent E for the last few weeks. And, I wanted to make a chart to remind them about it. So, I made this:

The kids went NUTS. They've been "on the lookout" for Sneaky Silent E ever since!

Okay, that's all for now.

Thanks for reading!



Delighted said...

The journal is hilarious! I read it several times and each time I found something else to laugh about. My favorite part was the last sentence ...got some medsin in it was god. hahaha!!! (although I'm sure the writer wasn't thinking what I was thinking). Thank you for sharing. Made my day.

First Grade Delight