February 16, 2012

Just That Kind of a Week...

Well, I don't really have anything important to talk about. But, that's never stopped me before, has it? Ha. It was a pretty crazy week around my school. I don't have any pictures to post... but, we all love funny kid stories, right? Here's a little glimpse at life in first grade lately...

1. Last week, when we were learning about penguins, my kids were pretty much appalled to find out that mama penguins "get sick" to feed their babies. As my kids were all yelling "ewwwwww" and screaming, one of my sweet little boys looked up at me with his big ole' eyes and said "I wouldn't like it, but I would do it for my babies." Melt. My. Heart.

2. Today, I taught my kids about touch math. I tried it last year at the very beginning of the year, but let it go when my kids got a little overwhelmed with it. I decided to wait until a little later this year to introduce it... and, I'm glad I waited! The kids really got the hang of it and were excited to have a new addition strategy. After about twenty minutes of practicing touch math, one of my littles said "Ohhhhh! Ms. Ridings! It seems like when we draw the dots on the number, it's usually the same amount as the number we're adding!" Face palm.

3. I found this on Pinterest and thought it was a PERFECT description of Valentine's Day in elementary school:

Pinned Image
Ha! It makes me laugh every time I see it. Valentine's Day is maybe my least favorite day of the school year. Just being totally honest. It's madness when all the kids are trying to pass out candy and valentines. I'm calling in sick next year. At least the kids had fun...

4. I found a note in the trash can today after the kids left for the day. It said "M-----, do you like T-----? Yes or no." And, M----- had circled no and written "Do you?" I mean, really???? In first grade???? They are both boys, by the way.

5. A few weeks ago, we had Kids on the Block come to our school. They talked to our kids about divorce. At the end, they asked the kids to raise their hands and tell how they would feel if their parents got divorced. I'm not even joking... 14 kids in a row raised their hand and said "sad." Literally. Every single kid they called on said the exact same thing. "Sad." Those poor ladies kept saying "good answer." Ha. At one point, a little girl raised her hand and stopped to think. We all though we were going get a different answer and everybody was on the edge of their seats. Her eventual answer? "I would be sad." Well said.

6. I've been "kidnapping" two of my kiddos every couple of days and letting them eat lunch with me in the classroom. I must admit, it usually turns out to be  my favorite part of the day. The kids are soooo excited and they just bubble over with giggles and happiness. They talk non-stop! It's been so nice to spend some quality time with my little friends and actually have a chance to HEAR them when they talk. The only down side? My room is FAR from the cafeteria. As I was walking back to the cafeteria with two of my little boys today after their lunch date, one of them said "Man, teachers have a hard job!" I asked why and he said "All you people do is walk up and down the hall. And, it's far!"

One thing's for sure. No matter how stressful a week I have, those sweet kiddos make it all worth the trouble.


Elisabeth said...

Ha- love all your stories. Kids can be so cute sometimes! The other day we talked about how a character was feeling and every kid said sad as well. I kept telling them there are more feelings than just happy and sad. Oh the struggles of a 1st grade teacher. : )