February 13, 2012


I recieved maybe the best compliment I've ever gotten the other night. Somebody told me that I was their favorite person to follow on Pinterest! Literally, they couldn't have made me happier if they had said I was the skinniest person they'd ever met. Ha!
Well, I think it's that time again. Time to do a Pinterest post. Here are some pins that have caught my eye lately...

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How scrumptious is this?
 I adore open shelving and all that pretty white?

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Okay, I realize this is a little busy. How many lanterns do you need? But, I love it!!! The stripes are fabulous and I love the books underneath the table on the bench and in the trough. Also, I just think the layers make this all very interesting.

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This chair doesn't match a darn thing in my house. But, I WANT IT! It's so funky and fun and is a great pop of color.

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I cannot get over this room. Can not. Because, those curtains? Perfection. And the stools at the end of the bed? Love em! The rug and the orange stool and the green bird and the white bedding? It's all incredible. Ahhhhh!

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I love the colors in this room. So pretty and calming.

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This caught my eye because I think the yellow lamp, zebra print ottoman, lime green garden stool and orange wreath all look so great together!

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I think these vintage headboards are pretty awesome.

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Great use of color.
We should all have a room this fun!

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Love orange and teal.
 And, I would give my right arm for that leopard pillow!

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I really, really, really want to do this to my curtains. Or, a shower curtain! I love the idea of picking out random fabrics and adding ruffles to make plain curtains more interesting.

Okay, I think that's all for now. I've got to get back over to Pinterest and find more pins!

Thanks for reading!!!


Jill said...

Someone told me yesterday that they love following my teaching Pinterest board! And I got soooo happy, so I totally understand. :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Dee said...

Ahhh. That was a feast for my eyes!

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