March 12, 2012

Learn Me Good (x2)

Have I mentioned that I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas? Well, I did. And I've been reading a bunch of books since then. Especially a lot of teaching books.  

I came across a book a few weeks a go that I had never heard of. (And, I apologize if I am waaay behind the times and this book has been read by every teacher under the sun. It's entirely possible.) It had amazing reviews, was supposedly very funny and only cost $2.99 on my Kindle. 

It's called Learn Me Good by John Pearson.

Learn Me Good

And it? Is the funniest book. Like, hysterically funny. If you are a teacher and you enjoy hilarous kid stories, this is THE BOOK for you! I promise!!!!

The book is about a young guy who leaves his job as an engineer and gets a job as a third grade teacher in Texas. And, the whole thing is written in an email format as he is writing emails to his friend back at his old job. He shares all the pains and joys of a first year of teaching, sure. But, his sarcastic writing style is just so enjoyable.

I was really torn because I wanted to keep reading, but I didn't want it to end.

Luckily... he's written a sequel.

Learn Me Gooder

Yippee! And, it too, is only $2.99.

Oh, and I just discovered he has a blog, too! It's like a new chapter every day!
His blog is here. Go check it out.

I don't recommend books on here often (or, ever.) But, I would want somebody to tell me if I was missing out on an awesome, inspiring and hilarious book about teaching.

So, consider yourself told.


Laura Starnes said...

I have seen a few reviews of this. Definitely going to check it out since it's only $2.99. Thanks for letting us know!

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