May 4, 2012

A Big Change

Well, I got some big news yesterday.

 My principal is moving me to third grade next year. And, believe it or not, I think I am really excited!

 I've been a little bit burnt out this year and I think it's just been because I've been doing the same thing for the last five years. I love first grade.... a lot. But, I need a change. I started tutoring third and fourth graders this year and I discovered that I really like older kids a lot. Plus, they're not even that old :) 

 I want my teaching spark back. I want to be excited about teaching again. So, I told my principal that I was ready for a change and that I trusted him. I was pretty sure he would move me... but, third was a little bit of a shock. Really, though, I'm excited. I'm  scared because it's a big change and first grade is all I've known. But, being outside of my comfort zone will be so good for me. And it will make me a better teacher to have that experience.

  Anyway, just wanted to jump on here and share what was going on. I'm headed to my grandmother's for a family weekend and it couldn't come at a better time. I need a break from school and all the third grade thoughts swirling around in my head.


Mrs. Anderson said...

Changing grades is always scary, but you are still in the same school, right? That has to make it a little easier. I've been teaching first grade for most of my 26 years and sometimes I would like to move to an upper grade, but I have soooo much money invested in first grade materials and curriculum.
I'm sure you will love 3rd grade!
Connie :)

AthenaPhoenix said...

Good luck to you!!

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