June 16, 2012

Finley's First Day

Well, it's official... she's all mine!

And, I'm absolutely positive I'm biased but... she's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever laid my eyes on.

Oh, and she's TINY! A lot smaller than I was expecting.

She's pretty much slept since I got her... which is NOT a problem! I took her out twice to go to the bathroom...

and, she fell asleep.

Oh well.

 When she finally did go to the bathroom, I gave her a treat and she spit it out. Fail.

She loves her crate so far... knock on wood! I'm kind of surprised because she's never been in one before. But, she's napped in there three times already! In fact, she and I took a two hour nap this afternoon :) Don't judge, I had to get up early!

She wasn't too into her food... but, she ate a TON the last time I tried. And, she's actually in her crate right now lapping up her water. I'm glad she's feeling less nervous.

Looks pretty cozy, huh?

I'm still just trying to figure everything out. I've never had a puppy before, much less a teeny tiny one! But, I love her already. The breeder said she's just the sweetest thing and has the cutest personality... and, so far I agree!

Welcome home, Finley!


Kimberly said...

Finley is adorable!! Congratulations!
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Elisabeth said...

How exciting! She's so cute and looks like the perfect nap companion. Enjoy your time with her! :)

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Mrs. Anderson said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy her!!