June 21, 2012

I think I'll keep her...

  I'm so annoyed. My blog is apparently full. I have to buy more space. So, no pictures tonight. I'll try to get it fixed soon so you can see more pictures of the cutest, sweetest dog there ever was :)

Let me preface all this by saying: KNOCK. ON. WOOD.

I do NOT want to jinx anything. I fully realize that Finley could turn into a non-sleeping, non-eating menace at any time.


 She is an angel.

She is doing so well! I took her to the vet on Monday and they pretty much went ballistic. The nurses and vets were fighting over who got to hold her. I think they were doing stuff to her just so they could hold her longer :) She weighed 1.5 pounds... so tiny! She got two shots and then took a 4 hour nap... big day!

She's on a great routine right now. I'm not gonna lie: I've been hard-core crate training her. Since the first hour I brought her home, she's had the following routine: nap in crate, bathroom, eat, play, nap in crate. Over and over again. Oh, and these naps? They're 2-4 hours long! She's a sleepy girl :) She plays for 20-30 minutes (sometimes up to an hour if we're out socializing) and then she's pooped. The best part is that she ADORES her crate. She doesn't cry or whine at all. When she needs to go outside, she'll whine a couple times to let me know and I take her out. If I put her right back in there (in the middle of the night), she goes right back to sleep. She hasn't had one accident in her crate and she's only had a few potty accidents in the house... not too shabby!

(Seriously, I'm knocking on wood again just to be safe.)

I know crate training is a little controversial. But, it's really working for us. She doesn't get any free time to roam around the house by herself. While she's out, I'm sitting in the floor and playing with her so I can see if she starts sniffing around. And, she's got to get used to being in there because when school starts back... she'll be in there all day, probably. As she gets older and I can trust her not to have accidents in the house, she won't have to go in the crate unless I leave the house. But, right now, she loves having her own space and she's so comfy in there. I know her days of endless naps won't last long... so I'm taking full advantage right now :)

Every day she gets more and more confident and fun to be around. Her little personality is adorable and she's really playful. She's met several of my friends and their kids and tonight I took her out to Franklin to surprise my parents. They haven't seen her yet because they've been out of town visiting my brother since the day I got her. To say they were completely smitten would be an understatement.  They kind of like her.

And, I do too.

I think I'll keep her...


Mrs. Anderson said...

My dogs all loved their crates. They felt very safe and comfortable in them.