June 9, 2012

Slow Clap

A few quick things:
1. A SUPER huge slow clap to my little brother Matt for making the Midwest Minor League All Star team! He's had a great season so far... and I'm so proud of him!

Photo: Kane County All Stars!
Lane, Matt and Jorge (and that cougar thing that comes to all the games) made the team. They'll play on June 17th, which leads me to...

2. That's the SAME weekend that I'm supposed to get Finley. You know, for good. One week... so excited! I initally thought that I would just get Finley and not go on the trip. So, I emailed the breeder and said we were good to go on Saturday. Then... I had second thoughts. I really wanted to go with my family to see Matt play! So, I emailed the breeder and asked if she could just hang on to her until Thursday when we get back. And then... I changed my mind again. I want the puppy. I'm honestly a very decisive person. I don't know what's the matter with me today... but, I'm sure the breeder thinks I'm a raving lunatic. I probably am. So: final decision. I'm gonna skip the trip and get the dog. Slow clap for it only taking me 5 hours to decide. I think it will be a good few days for me to spend at home with her and get her used to everything and get used to her. I'll sure miss seeing my brother, though.

I can't wait to meet this little lovebug!

3. Does anybody watch Gossip Girl? Slow clap for you, if so. Holy moly. Why am I just now discovering it? It's so good. Netflix has changed my life... and probably not for the better. I fear I will become a hermit.

We love Penn Badgley. Yes, we do.

4. Did you know that it's a HUGE pain to find dog gates that fit extra-wide door openings? Like, the biggest pain. I've had a lot of trouble. Because, most of the extra-wide gates are also extra-tall. They're generally for massive dogs... like Pitbulls and Great Danes and Clifford, the Big Red Dog apparently. I found one at Petsmart... but it was awful! It seemed dumb to have Fort Knox security for a 2 pound puppy. Oh, and if you even touched the gate, it fell off the wall... not good. So, I sent it back and found another one from Walmart.com. I'll let you know how it turns out. It's a lot smaller and it just nails right into the wall... so hopefully it will be sturdier. Fingers crossed for a slow clap on this one. Otherwise, I might cry.

You better be careful, Kitty, or that gate is gonna kill you.

5. I still love Tim Riggins/Taylor Kitsch. Only, now, he has short hair. Which makes him EVEN CUTER!!!

Slow clap for this dude's parents. Nice job, guys.


M.E. Hall said...

haha I just finished with Gossip Girl and am now wathcing Friday Night Lights while I craft away! Being a hurmit is okay! Adorable puppy!