July 10, 2012

Because I'm Bored...

This afternoon, it was rainy. The puppy was napping (she must be going through a growth spurt, because she napped all day!) and it was all nice and quiet in the house. So, I got on my computer and I started watching the movie Pearl Harbor. I know, kind of lame, but I love that movie. All throughout the movie, all I could think about was whether I liked Rafe or Danny better. Haha. It would literally change from scene to scene. I could never decide. So, a blog post began to form in my brain and this is the result.

Disclaimer: Now, please understand that I'm not claiming to be in love with all these guys... not by a long shot. I just thought it would be fun to decide which one I like best.

So, here we go...

1. Battle of the Pilots
It's only fair that they go first since they sparked this great debate.
Looks: This is tough. They're both infinitely hot. I think this movie was the peak of both of their looks, to be honest. But, if you forced me to choose, Rafe is hotter.
Personality: I'm going with Danny. Rafe is sometimes a little too cocky. And, Danny is just so lovable and sweet.
My Pick: Danny. I can't really explain why and I thought about it A LOT.

2. Battle of the Savages
Back in the 90's, these two brothers were kind of big. Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years and his little brother Ben played Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World.
Looks: I always though Fred was cuter. Ben always had that curly afro haircut and Fred's smile is adorable.
Personality: I don't really know much about them personally. Character-wise, Ben played a funnier character and Kevin Arnold was kind of whiny... but, so was Cory Matthews.
My Pick: Fred. To me, Ben is Cory Matthews, who is a dork. So, nuff' said.

3. Battle of Texas
Come on, you know I had to! These are the two hotties of Friday Night Lights: Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen.
Looks: Matt is a cutie, but Tim Riggins is the hottest thing to walk the planet.
Personality: Matt is sweet and he's a really nice guy. Tim's a brooding bad boy with a big heart. They're both funny on the show. But, you guys know where my loyalty lies.
My Pick: Do you even have to ask? Texas Forever!!

4. Battle of the Pool
I'm kind of obsessed with the Olympics. And, especially these two guys: Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps.
Looks: Lochte, by far.
Personality: I don't know too much about Lochte personally. But, Michael Phelps appears to be a good guy who is pretty humble throughout all his success. I'll go with Phelps.
My Pick: Lochte. I'm just intrigued by him because he's the newer one. And, it's always fun to root for the underdog...

5. Battle of the Tools
Caroline Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey has two sons that she thinks are God's gift to women. Albie is the older, wiser one and Chris is the goof ball.
Looks: Obviously, Albie is the more attractive brother. No contest.
Personality: Chris is supposed to be the funny one. The funny thing is, he isn't that funny. Unless you happen to like Adam Sandler wannabe's. So, Albie wins by default.
My Pick: Albie. But, they're both obnoxious.

6. Battle of the Wizards
I'm a big Harry Potter nerd fan. And, like with Rafe and Danny, I've always gone back and forth between which one is my favorite: Harry or Ron.
Looks: They both went through some seriously awkward phases through the course of the 8 Harry Potter movies. Remember their haircuts in Goblet of Fire? But, I think I'd have to go with Ron on this one. He's just adorable.
Personality: Hmmmm. Ron's obviously the comedic relief of the movies so he stands out. But, Harry is the heart and soul of it all. And, he's such a good person. I'm going with Harry.
My Pick: Harry. I guess it's from the books more than the movies, but Harry is my favorite character I've ever read. His life is so tragic and hopeful and interesting.

7. Battle of the Games
Peeta and Gale are the two main guys in The Hunger Games. And, everybody is always debating which one Katniss should be with. Here's where I stand:
Looks: I know this isn't a popular opinion, but I honestly think Peeta is cuter. Gale is just too perfect, you know what I mean?
Personality: Peeta. I just never felt like I really knew Gale as well as I knew Peeta. And, I love how vulnerable and sweet Peeta is.
My Pick: Peeta. Always has been, always will be.

8. Battle of the Princes
Everybody knows William and Harry, right?
Looks: Harry, hands down. William has a receeding hairline and looks just like his dad. Harry has the cutest smile ever.
Personality: Harry. He's the funny, light hearted one.
My Pick: Harry. And, it wasn't even a contest.

Well, there you have it. Those are my choices.

Let me know if you disagree with any of them :)


Elisabeth said...

Ha- I think we could be friends in real life. I don't know everyone that you mentioned but the one I agree with the most is Peeta. I just love him. As far as the princes, I used to be all about William when I was growing up. Harry is quite the charmer now and have you seen all of the humanitarian work he's been doing? He seems pretty awesome!