July 13, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Obviously, my summer has been QUITE consumed by Finley. I'm sorry a lot of my blog posts lately have been about her...but, she's basically been eating up all my time. So, here's what she's been up to the last few weeks.

She's been spending some time leashed up. Because, honestly, she wears me out and sometimes... I just need a break :) But, she doesn't mind at all and she actually LOVES to chew on her leash. I'm sure that's a bad habit I'll have to break later.

This is her "I'm a koala bear" look.

She likes to lay in bed and snuggle. Snuggle and BITE. We're working on it...

She loves my dad. And, I think he's pretty fond of her, too.

One night, she was sleeping in her crate and my phone rang. I guess I was talking too loud because she stuck her face and her legs out of the crate and just stared at me the whole time. I feel like she's judging me sometimes :)

Finley and I met my mom in downtown Franklin today for lunch. And, Fin was quite the little celebrity. I think about 20 people stopped to play with her and one guy asked if he could take a picture of her. Um, sure Stranger. Take a picture of my dog. That's normal. But, I do agree that she's pretty cute :)

This is how we roll.

This weekend, I'm keeping Matt and Blakely's dog. I miss Hampton so I was excited to get to spend some time with her. And, Miss Finley needs a REALITY CHECK. She doesn't spend a lot of time with other dogs so she needs to learn not to nip and bite.

Can you see Finley under the coffee table? She was really scared at first to share her territory!

And, while Hampton napped on my bed, Finley stared her down from her crate. Haha!

But, they've been warming up to each other. Hampton is really sweet with her. Finley's the punk. She walks up to Hampton and nips at her and then runs. When Hampton chases her, she can't believe it!

Hampy's actually a lot more interested in climbing on the furniture than playing with Finley.

Looks like fun, huh?

Finley never takes her eyes off her.

How funny is this? Hampy has always sat like this... even when she was a puppy.

Right now, they're both laying in the floor eating their treats. My house looks like PetSmart exploded. But, we've had fun :)

Have a good weekend!


Erica said...

How cute! I love pups!
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