July 1, 2012

Hi, remember me?

Well, hello friends!

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been a mixture of craziness and laziness over here at my house and I was just not in a very bloggy kind of mood, ya know what I mean? But, I am now. And, you know I love a good list... so, here's what I've been up to the last few weeks.

1. This little thing has obviously been taking up the majority of my time. She sure is cute... and, in the grand scheme of things, she's doing really well. She hasn't had a potty accident in the house in a loongg time and she still adores her crate, which is great for me. But, ya'll? Not gonna lie: she's a handful. She's fiesty and she loves to bite. I know that's normal... we're just working on it every day. Oh, and she loves to eat grass. I can't stop her! She thinks that every time I take her outside to potty is an all-you-can-eat buffet. She literally NOSEDIVES into the grass... which is all dead because of the heat. I've had to stick my finger into her mouth more times than I can count to pull handfuls of grass out. But, all the inconvenience is worth it because she really is a doll. I kind of love her :)

My favorite picture of her :)

She thinks this is her personal balance beam.

Sweet, sweet.

2. We've been visiting with a bunch of people lately:

I took Finley over to my friend Laura's house to play. We took a million pictures, but this one with Katie is my favorite. I've been taking pics with this girl for two years and she keeps getting bigger! And, sadly, so do I...

My cousin Elizabeth and Aunt Connie stopped by my parent's house one day last week and JP and Isaac got to play with the pup. Cute little Isaac kept saying "She's yickin' my arm!"

Our favorite visit was with Matt, Blakely and Hampton! We were SOO EXCITED to see Matt and he got to come home because....

3. He moved up! Matt got moved from Low A to High A! He now plays for the Wilmington Blue Rocks in Delaware! We're so proud of him. He's already thrown three times and has two wins! He's doing great :) Way to go, kiddo!

4. Have ya'll been watching the Olympic Trials? Ohmyword. I can't stop. I can't wait for the Olymics in a few weeks. I especially love gymnastics and swimming. I'm gonna be rooting for:
Ryan Lochte

Michael Phelps

Gabby Douglas

Jordyn Weiber

Can. Not. Wait.

5. I somehow got sucked into a new tv show.

Disclaimer: I'm going to go ahead and say that if cuss words bother you, this show is not for you. If HBO bothers you, this show is not for you. If you can't stomach any violence, this show is not for you. But, I'm totally engrossed in The Wire.

In the span of about two weeks, I ran across a bunch of comments on the internet about how this was one of the best shows ever. And, my curiosity got the best of me. So, I downloaded it off iTunes. It's sooo good. It takes a few episodes to get into it. But, once things start clicking, it's so good!

It's basically a cop show about the city of Baltimore. The first season is about this group of cops trying to bring down a drug seller in the projects. The acting is amazing, the writing is great and it's really funny, too! But, it has heartbreaking moments, too. And, you have to think. The show is really ambitious and introduces new characters all the time and you really have to pay attention. But, it. is. good.

Seriously, if you like cop shows (and, really, even if you don't b/c I HATE them) you have to watch this show.

6. My puppy is totally and completely ADDICTED to this thing:

It's a Kong. And, you fill it with food and then give it to the puppy. Finley is obsessed. She licks this thing and it keeps her entertained for a LONG time. I'm sure everybody knows about these things... but, this is my first puppy. So, just in case anybody out there doesn't have one of these for their dogs, get one. You won't regret it.

7. I'm going to tell you about two books that I've read this summer that I could not put down. I LOVED them! But, read that disclaimer above again. If any of that stuff bothers you, steer clear of these books.

We all know I'm obsessed with Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins). And, he's in a movie that is coming out on Friday. I'm sure you've seen the trailer for it. It's called Savages. Well, when I saw the trailer, I thought it looked like such a cool story. So, I bought the book and I read it in two days. It was SO GOOD!

Then, when I finished it, I realized that the prequel for Savages was coming out June 19th. It's called Kings of Cool. So, I ordered it and when it came in, I read it in two days, too! And, it might be even better than Savages!!!

It's basically all about Ben and Chon, two friends in Laguna Beach. Ben is a hippie who grows the best weed in the world, and he sells it violence-free. His friend and business partner, Chon, is an ex Navy SEAL who is quite the opposite. They have a shared girlfriend, O. And, the Mexican drug cartel tries to buy their business but the boys don't want to sell it to them. So, the cartel  steals their girlfriend. And, as the trailer says, they'll do ANYTHING to get her back.

The books are different from the stuff I normally read. And, again, they are not squeaky clean. But, they're fun summer reading that I couldn't put down.

Alright, I think that's all for tonight.

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Anderson said...

Your puppy looks happy and healthy even though she likes to eat grass! I'm glad to see she likes her Kong. My dogs have several and they LOVE the them.

Elisabeth said...

1. Your puppy is soo cute! We got a new dog about a month ago (he's 2) and he's still quite a handful. Worth it though! :)
2. Gymnastics and swimming are my favorite summer olympics as well. I can't wait until they begin!
3. The Wire is amazing! A friend actually introduced it to me and I watched season 4 first since it's all about education. I have 2 more seasons to watch (2 & 3, way out of order!). Hope you enjoy the rest of them! :)

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