July 25, 2012

Puppy Shenanigans

I thought I ruined my puppy yesterday.

(Bad Hair Day. Don't judge... we all have them.)

I left her in her crate for about 7 hours while I went to school to work on my classroom. I know, that's awful. But, she's going to have to be in there while I'm at work and I figured it'd be better to ease her into it. I've left her alone for 3-5 hours before... but, this was a first.

I realize every picture of her is kind of bad. She's really hard to get a picture of because
she moves ALL THE TIME! So, we take what we can get aroud here.

She did fine. She didn't have a potty accident the whole time! She's oddly good at "holding it." But, when she got out? She. Went. Nuts.

Yes, we've had to cover the couch with a blanket because Finley thinks it's her personal job to claw and scratch the thing to death. She's a tiny two pound terror, but she's terribly cute.

I took her straight outside... but, she was too busy licking my feet and trying to jump up my legs to do her "business." Haha. When we got back inside, she proceeded to walk up and down the length of my leg and lick every square inch she could find. Fun times, fun times. She was honestly fine until bedtime. A little hyper, but when is she not? But, she CRIED when I put her back in her crate to go to bed. It kind of broke my heart.

She loves my feet. And, look, I know it's bad to let her chew my toes. But it kind of feels like a
 foot massage... so, it's a tough call.

Some day, I'll let her sleep in my bed with me because if she's going to be in the crate all day, I don't want her to have to be in there at night. But, ya'll? I'm afraid I'll kill her in my sleep! What if I roll over her or she falls off? I'm pretty sure I look like a ninja in my sleep. We're talking blankets on the floor and pillows at the foot of the bed. Every night. She weighs 2 pounds! I weigh... um, nevermind. Let's just say I way a little more than 2 pounds. It just doesn't seem safe right now.

Eventually, she fell asleep. And, she did fine tonight. No crying. So maybe it was a fluke... maybe she was just trying to make me feel bad for leaving her. It worked, by the way.
She fell asleep on the couch. Believe me, this is rare. This girl is all about her crate.
Well, except for yesterday....

 I kind of wish I could just quit my job and stay at home and play with her every day. Except, I wouldn't be able to feed her. Or myself. And, I eat a lot. So, that plan's no good. She's just gonna' have to get used to it. I guess I have to get used to it, too.

Oh, and by the way? I'm now one of those crazy people who talks about their dog all the time. I think it might be because I've been seeing a lot of people up at school who knew I was getting a dog during the summer. So, they've been asking. I really am trying not to bring her up in EVERY conversation. I don't want to be THAT person. You know, the one who thinks their dog is a real-live human child? I promise I don't think that. My parents, however? They might think she's a child. This is an actual text conversation I had with my dad the other day:

Dad: "How's my girl?"
Me: "I'm good."
Dad: "Not you! Finley!"

Well, excuse me....

But, Finley's lessons in seperation were not for naught. I did get a ton of work on my classroom done. I'm almost finished. Good thing because our inservice starts on Friday! And, we have kids in our classroom next Wednesday...one week from today! It doesn't seem real. It never does. Until I'm looking out at a classroom full of kiddos who are staring at me to tell them something. Then it seems real.

Seriously, if you're still reading this mess, you're a kind soul. Or, you're family. And, if you're my mom? Don't worry. Your "grandchild" is sleeping soundly. In her crate, thankyouverymuch.


Miss Nelson said...

Cute pics!

Mrs. Anderson said...

I am a dog lover, so I enjoy hearing about Finley. She is so cute!!!

Megan said...

LOL - you really crack me up! I love to hear about Finley and her wildness because our puppy (who weighs 60 lbs and thinks she is a lap dog) can be a terror, too! And I talked about her all the time when we first got her! It was odd, lol! I can't believe school starts next Wednesday. Our kids don't report until Aug 27 and we have inservice for a week & 1/2m, but two of those days are specifically for new teachers. I'm thinking, "Just get me in my room so I can decorate already!"

Happy Wednesday :)