July 14, 2012

Sneak Peak

 I've been working really hard in my classroom the last few weeks. I don't want to be throwing this out too confidently just yet... but, this may be my favorite classroom so far! It's really bright and fun :) I haven't taken pictures yet because it's not done. I have NO IDEA what to do with my 8 (yes, you read that correctly) bulletin boards! I mean, one is obviously a word wall and one is a calendar board. Beyond that... no clue. I also need to tidy up a little in there before I take pictures.

 My mom made me some really cute curtains that I had to share. I picked out all the stuff and came up with the design and she got them done in an hour! Thanks, Mom! She also helped me out by repairing some of my chair pouches that have all seen much better days and even making me some new ones because I didn't have enough. Ohhh, and she came up to school with me last week and hung NINE lanterns from the ceiling and hot glued fabric to two giant boards. She's the best!

Those are my new curtains! I'll take a close-up picture soon. This pic just happened to be on my phone  because I sent it to my mom after I got them hung :)

It's coming along and I can't wait to see the finished product!


Mrs. Anderson said...

How nice of your mom to make curtains for you. My mom made some for my classroom to cover up the bookshelves in my classroom.
You mom did a great job!!