August 19, 2012

My Neurotic Little Puppy

I know, I know. That's not a very nice thing to say about your dog.

But, it's honestly true.

Finley is nuts.

Nuts, but adorable. Right?

She has so many weird little quirks and funny things that she does and I wanted to write them down on here so I'll remember them. She's hilarious and  always keeps us laughing :)

1. Before she will eat, she runs up to her food and kind of grabs at it. But she won't get any in her mouth. Then, she runs away and lays down. She goes back and forth and does this about 20 times before she eats. I have NO IDEA why... but, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

One of my favorite pics :)

2.It's even funnier when she's in her crate because she has nowhere to run! So, she just takes her head and dips it into her bed really fast. I can't even describe it. I've tried to videotape it... but, she stops if she sees me watching. I'm telling you... she's a weirdo :)

I found this picture yesterday on my camera from the first day I brought her home. She weighed a pound and a half!

3. When she finally does decide to eat it, she quickly grabs a mouthful and then runs away. She drops the mouthful on the ground and then eats one piece at a time. I think this is fairly normal... but, it still makes me laugh.

Finley and Jackson. He goes to my school and he and his big sisters watch Finley for me sometimes :)

4. I've been giving her these little puppy bones that are lamb and apple flavored. They're especially made for puppies and are soft on their tummies and teeth. She LOVES them! But, she won't just eat it. She tries to bury it first! I guess it's just a dog instinct. We'll be on my bed and she'll have the bone hanging out of her mouth and she will dig like her life depends on it. When she's made a little tunnel out of the blankets, she'll leave her bone there. Then, a few minutes later, she'll go get it and eat it. So funny.

Livin' the life...

5. She hates thresholds. She will literally stop at the point in the room where it goes from carpet to hardwood. She doesn't like hardwood floors because her feet slide. So, she'll just sit at the threshold and whine. She's gotten better with this the last few weeks. But, she WILL NOT touch my parents' marble hearth on their fireplace.

I was thinking she was getting so big! Then, I took this picture of her yesterday and changed my mind :) She weighs 4 pounds right now.

6. If I set her down somewhere unfamiliar, she will just lay there with all four legs spread eagle and not move a muscle. I took her into the powder room one time when I needed to run upstairs for a few minutes and was not able to watch her. When I came back to get her about 5 minutes later, she was in the exact same position just looking up at me like "How DARE you?"

Looking out of her travel crate....

7. She gets the zoomies bad! You know what the zoomies are, right? When puppies just kind of go crazy for no apparent reason and start running around? Well, she does this daily. She'll start off playing and then she'll just work herself up and then she starts sprinting around the room in circles making noises that I can only assume she learned from Cujo himself. It's hysterical.

Sweet little profile

8. She HATES ice. But, she LOVES ice. One day, I was working in the kitchen and I gave her an ice cube to play with. She went ballistic. She would run up to it and touch her nose to it. Then, she'd run away making the pig noise (see number 9). Then, she'd run back it and touch it and run away again. On and on and on. She eventually got it in her mouth and carried it into another room and dropped it on the floor in there. Then, she proceeded to continue the game for another 15 minutes. I took it away from her once it was small enough for her to possibly choke. But, it was quality entertainment for a good long time! (Mostly for me.)


9. She sounds like a pig sometimes. When she's playing, especially anything aggressive, she'll make this deep grunting noise that sounds just like a pig.

Another oldie, but goodie :)

10. Her two favorite toys are a hanger and  a water bottle. I'm not even kidding:

See, I told you!

You may be thinking that she's a beast after all the things I just told you, but she's totally not! She was pretty much completely potty-trained after about 4 days. She has, to this day, never had an accident in her crate. She is sweet as the day is long and loves to cuddle. Right now, she's doing this:

and, I'm a happy girl :)

She's my buddy and I pretty much adore her.

Even though she's totally nuts.