August 5, 2012

So, I Lied...

I said in my last post I wasn't going to blog again for a few days. But, I changed my mind. It's a rainy Sunday, the Olympics are on, the house is clean (ish) and the puppy's happily licking my toenails that I just painted. So, blogging it is! This post is going to be all over the place - fair warning! You can turn back now and I'll never know :)

1. I said before that the few days/weeks before the kids come to school are the most stressful for me. And, I can't overstate that. I realized it again this weekend! I was at my parents yesterday because they like to play with the dog, they cook me yummy dinner and it was the tax-free weekend so my mom and I had some shopping to do! When we got home, I took Finley upstairs with me and laid down "for a minute." Two hours later, my mom came in and got the dog so she could play with her. I slept for almost two more hours! Then, I slept in this morning until 10! I know, I should have gone to church. I just couldn't get it together. Then, this afternoon, Finley and I took another three hour nap! So ridiculous. It hasn't helped that I've been staying up all night watching the Olympics, either.

2. Finley is now sleeping in my bed. I just couldn't bare to listen to her cry in  her crate after she had spent 8 hours in there while I was at work. She's so much happier now, I have to say. She's a good sleeper, always has been, so it hasn't been a problem at all. In fact, it's been kind of nice :) She finds all kinds of places to get comfortable.

She especially likes to lay on my shoulder...

and my hip!

3. As I said, we did a little shopping yesterday. Not a lot because my mom was in the midst of a major cold/sore throat/ear infection. But, we did go a few places and find a few things. I got some fun new tennis shoes. (They're actually running shoes. But, the only time these ladies will be running is if I'm being chased by a large dog or a bee. And, even then, it will be more of a brisk jog.) I also got some cute little flats to wear to school. I have a bad toe (believe me, you don't want to hear the story) so I have to go for comfort when it comes to shoes. So, these were a good find. I also got two cute little dresses from Old Navy that will be perfect for school.

These will be perfect for exercising something!

4. I also got a few other little things. I found a super cute lunch box at Old Navy for one dollar! And, best part, it's leopard print - love. Then, we went in the Dollar Tree to get some stuff for my mom. I decided that was a great place to stock up on some candy for my treat box at school. Now, look, I know you guys are judging me. I know it's more popular right now to have reward menus and treausre slips and all that jazz. But, I kinda think it's okay for a kid to get a sucker every now and then. (I'm ducking. Go ahead and throw the tomatoes at me.) Plus, we have a reward menu that we use for whole group. And, I use tickets for the majority of my rewards. Oh, and I also got them some bookmarks  because they almost flipped out on Friday when I told them to put their books away. "How will we know what page we were on??" Third grade is so different from first, ha!

I want to face plant into that bag.

So cute they make me want to pick up a book. Slow clap for you, Dollar Tree.

5. Now for the beauty portion of this blog post. I realized this summer that my hair was kind of fried. It's gotten really long and I have to really go at it with a straightener to get it even half way presentable. Or, I have to kind of scrunch it. Either way takes a ton of products. I was having trouble rinsing it all out of my hair in the shower! So, one day, I looked down in the shower and saw Finley's shampoo... which is just Johnson's Baby Shampoo. And, gasp, I tried it. Ya'll, I've been using it in my hair ever since! My hair felt so much better and lighter and it all rinsed out much easier. Plus, it smells good!! I know it's weird, but I think it's been really good for my hair. There have to be less chemicals  in that stuff than in adult shampoo. Anyways, just wanted to share in case anybody else's hair was feeling  overprocessed, too.

Ahhh, my childhood.

6. And, now, some more pictures of the my cute little Finny. She's just the best thing ever and I can't get enough of her.

Getting her nightly belly rub :)

She loves to sleep here. She fits perfectly in that little spot.

Up late watching the men's Olympic gymnastics team basically self-implode. Fun times.

Love that sweet pup!

Well, that's all I've got. I'm going to go fix dinner (fish tacos, yum!!!) so that I can watch the Olympics tonight.  So excited about the gymnastics event finals! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Mrs. Anderson said...

Love those pictures of your pup!! How adorable!!!!Thanks for sharing the Johnson's Baby shampoo idea. I'm going to give it a try.