August 17, 2012

The honeymoon is over!

If you teach at my school, you know who that quote belongs to! If you don't, you can read all about her right here. Love you, Sexy Flexy :)


Yes. The honeymoon is officially over. The room no longer is sparkling clean. It has that worn-in look... you know what I mean. The little darlings who didn't say a word last week are getting more comfortable and that means MORE TALKING! If you had asked me last week, I would have told you that moving to third grade was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I don't think I've ever experienced such a easy first few weeks. And, that's still true. I love, love, love my kiddos. They are awesome and very well behaved. It's just that... the honeymoon is over. I'm realizing what a big change it is to move from first grade to third grade. I'm realizing how much more work it will be. I've been struggling with feeling confident in what I'm doing. But, it's just because it's all new. I know that. And, it really helps that my team is AWESOME!

So, want to see what we've been up to in third grade?

Disclaimer: I will STRAIGHT UP tell you right now that I really have no clue what I'm doing in third grade. I felt reasonably confident that the first grade stuff I posted about last year was good stuff because I had 5 years of experience behind me. I seriously thought about just stopping posting about school stuff for a while until I feel better about what I'm doing. But, you know what? I like to post about my classroom. I love to go back and look at past posts and read about school stuff. I'm not posting this for everybody else... I'm doing it because I like to. So, if you don't want to read about our misadventures in third grade... feel free to skip this post and any others :)


Let's start with Me on the Map!
It's such a great book for introducing the kids to their place in the world.

This was a neat activity to do the first week of school. I thought it was a great way to start our map unit and it was also great for Open House! The parents loved seeing their little cuties holding up the world :)

There are a lot of really cute Me on the Map ideas out there. We just tried to make one that didn't take up all of our construction paper. I hoard that stuff, I admit it.
Most of them did such a good job! Plus, just sayin... it took them forever and a day to finish them. And, we all know that's a good thing when you have to do Running Records the first week of school.

Before we actually made them, we filled out these little flow maps. They were really helpful in making sure every body's information was accurate.

In math, we've been all about some making numbers. We've focused on place value, adding place value and making numbers different ways.

Not. That. Exciting.

We have been doing a lot of work in our math journals. Can we all just take a moment to notice that this little girl filled out an entire PAGE to answer a word problem?

I especially love this little gem: " Now you're wondering, where did I get 400?" Ha!

Reading has been lots of fun! We've been focusing on character traits. We read  A Bad Case of Stripes on Tuesday and we filled out a bubble map with some character traits. But, the kids had to provide text evidence for the traits. The kids had so much fun trying to prove how they knew she had the traits. They provided quotes and actions.

FYI: The kids wrote some of those. I know how to spell stripes. Promise :)
Ohhh, and this is an awesome book to read at the beginning of the year because it's great for talking about being yourself. But, you know that....

My amazing teammate Kate made a graphic organizer to help the kids provide evidence for the traits that they claimed the characters had. So, we read Strega Nona and the kids told me allllll about her. We came up with the traits together and they had to prove them to me.

Isn't it just amazing that third graders can write? HOLY COW.

Then, the next day, the kids had to read a story with a partner and fill in their own! I'm not gonna lie... some of these were great and some were so not great.

The only reason I'm showing this one is because it made me laugh. Is readful a character trait? Is dancey? I'm just glad they were using their amagination :)

Today, the kids filled out a graphic organizer about Stephanie from Stephanie's Ponytail.

It was really good for character traits! And, it was also perfect for the beginning of the year because it's all about being yourself!

I found this graphic organizer on Pinterest. I LOVE it!

The one thing that kind of worried me? 3 kids said Stephanie had black skin. Ummm, do what? They actually wrote the words. I can prove it...




So, yeah, I guess we may be going back over character appearance next week :)

We made a rubric today for their writing. I really let them make the decisions. I'm pretty sure we'll have to change it once they realize how hard it is to write 11 sentences that are PERFECT! But, it's important to aim high, right?

My biggest after-school project this week was setting up the class library after the Great Chapter Book Purhcase of 2012 :) I worked my tail off setting this up.

I labeled all the bins.

Here's the other side...

 When they get a book, they attach their clip to the bucket so they know where it goes back.

It's a good system so far. Hopefully, I won't have to mess with it any more.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering...

this would be my new teacher bag... FULL of papers to grade and go through.


Yeah, didn't think so.


Marianna Dunn said...

Not jealous of the papers to grade (that's the worse part) but I do love the bag....and everything else about your classroom! I wish I was still teaching third so I could steal these ideas! I second-guessed myself all year long last year, so I know how that goes, but you definitely don't need to! Everything you're doing looks great....and really fun! (Even the boring ways to make a number.)

Enjoy your weekend - you deserve it!

Delightfully Dunn

Elizabeth Goold said...

Yeah, that bag is pretty cute. I just moved to a more "Professional" looking bag, which i love for it's pockets inside but I don't love the b-l-a-c-kness of it! I prefer something with a little more pizazz! I also love the different ways to write a number. I am going to steal that little gem for my 2nd graders. Hope it goes well! I'm a little nervous that their math skills are pretty low as a group.

Elizabeth Goold said...

Question about the numbers in different forms on the post-it notes. Did you give one # to the class and then had them pick which form to do it in?

Lindsay said...

Elizabeth, I think I had them roll three dice to get the number and then write it each way. I also gave each team a number and then each person in the team had to wirte it a different way.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Chelsea Lyons said...

Do you have a template for the me on a map organizer you did BEFORE making the project? :)