September 14, 2012

Ohhhh, Baby I Love Arrays..

That's not really true.
But, I DO love using song quotes for blog titles.
And, you're totally singing that song now, aren't you?
This post is going to be all kinds of random. And, when you're being random, I think lists are the way to go. They make it look like you have it all together.  When you really don't. And, I DO NOT have it together, people. DO NOT.
1. Arrays
So, yeah. We've been all about some multiplication this week. Which has gone muuuuch better than regrouping. Regrouping is hard, I tell ya! I can't talk about it. I may start crying again.
We started off multiplication with equal groups. We did circles and stars for a day and the kids had it. No problemo. So, the next day, I tried my best to "firm it up." Our school provides fruit for every kid every day. Like, they bring it down to our room in cute little farmer baskets and everything. That's not true, they don't bring it down to the room. But, there are farmer baskets. They look very authentic.
I found a picture for you!
Anyways, we get fruit every day. So, on Tuesday, they gave us strawberries. In individual cups! Yep, you guessed it. We used those suckers to practice equal groups some more! My kids' excitement level was at about a ten. They were positively engrossed in the lesson. We all sat in a big circle and practiced finding out how much fruit there was in groups of strawberries. Then, I forced allowed the kids to eat their three strawberries in two minutes and we used the cups to start talking about arrays! And, guys? We've been using those cups all week!
I obviously didn't take pictures of my kiddos making arrays cause I was busy. You know, teaching them. But, they did well. We've been just sitting on the carpet a lot and working through problems. You know: like, "Oops, I just lost six of the cups from this array! How can I find out how many I had to begin with?" That kind of thing. And, we've been practicing writing multiplication sentences multiple ways.
Today, I just wanted them to get some practice making alot of arrays. And, I saw an idea on Pinterest that caught my eye. But, I didn't pin it. I just remembered it. So, I can't remember who came up with it. So, just know, it wasn't my idea.
I gave every kid some graph paper and a dice. I gave some kids two dice, actually. To differentiate. Because, that's what we do. They had to roll the dice twice to find their array and then they had to color it in. Then, as they finished each one, I had them bring them to me. I checked EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And, obviously, helped out the friends who were a weeee bit confused.
*Edited to add: Um, maybe I didn't see every one because there is a glaringly wrong one in that picture above. My bad. Just pretend 6 X 5 does equal 9, okay?
Then, during writing, I let 4 kids glue it together. I picked 4 kids that were efficient and calm - you know what I mean! And, they finished this sucker in NO time.
Here's what they made:
I loved it because they all made about 15 arrays and I checked every single one of them so I know they were doing them right and that our time was well spent.
They loved it because it was a "project" and it was "fun."
Win/win, friend.
2. Writing
We've been doing an AWESOME writing program where the kids do basically all of their writing in journals through minilessons and mentor texts. I really like it so far and I keep meaning to take some pictures of their work. They're writing complete pages every day and are asking me to take their journals to lunch and home at night so I could not be happier. However, we had to screeeeech to a halt for a few days a couple of weeks ago and go back to some basics. Because, they were not all writing sentences. Or using punctuation. It was scary.
So, I pulled out my trusty old writing web from first grade and I walked my kiddos through a little writing. I pretty much took them way back and had them circling the capitals and the periods. And, I even made them think of their sentences before they coud start writing... the horror! But, they needed the referesher. Trust me.
They wrote some cute stuff, though.
That one intrigues me.
Where did he go in Memphis that smelled like food, smoke AND a bathroom? (Wait, don't answer that.)
I'll be sure and post some of their more authentic writing when I can remember to take pictures of their journals. (I probably wouldn't be holding my breath - not that you would...)
3. Want to see the cutest puppy EVER?
I'm missing her tonight because she's at my parents' house. And, she's been there since yesterday afternoon. I'm so thankful they're keeping her for me but I can't wait to get my hands on her tomorrow.
I'm sure she doesn't even miss me.
My mom texted me this picture of her a little while ago:
She said "Finley's trying to escape!"
My response?
"Well, you COULD close the door..."
Ohhhh, Mom.
But, seriously Mom, if you're reading this.... thanks for keeping my little escapee!
I think that's all I've got.
 Season 8 of The Office is calling my name.
 Have I mentioned my love of The Office? Because, I love it.
I really do.
Remember when Andy sang "Oh, Baby I Love Your Way?
I hope you're as impressed with that tie-in as I am right now :)


Miss Foote said...

You have been busy. I love your array ideas.

Chickadee Jubilee

Lacy said...

Hi Lindsay! I found your blog through a pin and have loved looking at all your posts!!! I love your school ideas and decorating too! I don't blog much anymore due to teaching and PINTREST, but enjoy reading them. I love your graphic organizers and was wondering if you made them or purchased them? Your very creative and was inspired. Will you please email me where you get them or what program you use to make them. Thanks. BTW love Finley.....oh and Im really not a stalker!!! :)

Lacy said...

My email is