September 6, 2012

She's Cute.

  Sorry, I've been an absentee blogger lately. School's making me exhausted, I've been travelling on the weekends and little Finley takes up most of my time when I get home.
By the way. Finley? She's adorable. She drives me crazy some times (like right now, she's completely under my covers and digging like her life depends on it). But, she's so darn cute that I can forgive her pretty easily.
Here are some pictures of her:
She's getting sleepy....
and, she's gone!
This is where she sleeps. Between me and the headboard. I'm fine with that because otherwise I would probably kick her off the bed! Accidentally, of course.
I bought her her own bed and she used her mad digging skillz to destroy it in a week. Money well spent, huh?
Last weekend, we headed to my Grandma's for Labor Day. Finley was just so excited about the trip, clearly.
Every where she went, she had two little followers.
Sometimes she had to get up on the swing with me to get a break :)
On Saturday, we went to the parade.
I love, love, love her!
And, so does this guy. He kept saying "I take her? I take her?"
Saturday night, she was EXHAUSTED. And, yes, she's wrapped up like a burrito. I did it as a joke and she didn't even budge! That's how tired she was....
Then, we came home on Monday and I spent the whole day watching The Kardashians on Netflix.
Finley was NOT a fan...
But, me? I'm hooked! I've watched it off and on for years but was never a big fan. But, I'm becoming one rapidly. It's soooo funny!
Need proof?
Pinned Image
Oh, Kim.
Pinned Image
Oh, Scott.
If you don't watch this show, you should do it. It's aces for snarkiness.
Well, that's all I've got tonight.
Thanks for reading!