September 30, 2012

They're Hitched.

It's official. Matt and Blakely are now The Ridings!
We had such a fun weekend and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!
I tried to take some pictures with my phone but it was a little hard. Here's what I got:
This is the flower girl (my cousin's daughter, Abby) and the ring bearer, Gentry. They were best buds this weekend and they were sooooo cute! The bat was Gentry's gift from Matt and Blakely.
After the rehearsal dinner Friday night, all the bridesmaids and the bride's family stayed at the house where the wedding was. So, we had Blakely a little lingerie party!
Oh, and I shared my bed with this little creature. And her mom. Not much sleep was had, to be honest.
We walked in to the reception area Saturday morning and there were the cakes! They're obviously not finished in this picture... but, they were both really neat. Matt's groom cake had three hats with all of his teams on them: BGA, WKU and the Royals. And, there was a bride and groom playing baseball on top. And, the wedding cake was AMAZING! I was just a little nervous that these cakes sat there on a rolling cart all day - risky! Ha.
The dress!
I love the hanger!
This is where they got married. I took this during the day so it obviously wasn't finished. But, it was all sooo pretty!
Oh, I guess I did get a picture of the groom cake!
This was the reception area... obviously, about halfway done. The tables had huge flowers and candles and the lights were a lot darker.
Blakely and I
Me and Abby. She looked so cute in her flower girl dress!
Blakely and Abby
This was so cute! They took some pictures of them holding hands before they could see each other!
Matt and I
It was a perfect day.
Congrats, Matt and Blakely!