October 21, 2012

Busy as a Bee!

The last two weekends have been pretty busy around here. Nothing too important... just lots of running around and traveling.
Last weekend was the tail end of my Fall Break. I ended up staying at my parents for a few nights and then we went to my grandmother's for the weekend. It was a lot of fun to see everybody... but, I didn't take too many pictures.
But, let me tell ya... we did a lot of chilling and relaxing.
We also did a lot of porch swingin' - our favorite thing!
I spent some time redecorating that weekend, too.
I completely switched around the den... and I LOVE it!
I pulled this rug out of the closet, too. I had put it up when I first got Finley because I was afraid she'd pee on it and ruin it! But, as it turned out, she didn't really pee in the house... thankthelord. I just forgot that I had it!
Welcome back, old friend.
I bought this driftwood bowl and the moss balls at Trees N Trends. I'm obsessed with it. I've moved it around about nine times... but it's staying here for a while :)
While I was doing all of this, I realized I hadn't heard Finley in a while. That's because she had just crawled into her crate to watch. Have I mentioned she's the best behaved puppy in the world?
Because, she really is.
I worked on my room, too! I got those red lamps I was craving and I think they're perfect! I also obviously added the shelf above my bed.
I consolidated all the dog junk to one corner. (And, that bag actually belongs downstairs. I'm just too lazy to take it down there.)
I moved the desk out of the corner and turned it into a nightstand. I think the scale is much better than the dinky one I had there.
Here's the other night stand.
(I'm sorry all my pictures are terrible. I pretty much only use my phone to take pictures and they are hit or miss!)
I moved the picture above my bed to this wall and left the sconces. I think it adds color ot this wall and so I like it. I'm totally getting a nicer tv for Christmas, by the way. Don't you worry!
And, here's the other side of that wall.
The last thing I tweaked was the living room.
I took the big white ottoman out of this room and put it in the den. So, I found this little bench at an antique mall and had to have it!
I love the gold striped fabric and I love that I can move it in about a million places in my house! It matches every room and the scale is perfect.
This weekend, I worked all night Friday at our school's Fall Festival. It was tons of fun but I was WIPED when I got home that night. And, I had to drive out to Franklin afterwards because my parents had been keeping Finley for a few days. I had a few late nights with school at the end of the week and I hated for her to spend so much time in her crate!
My mom says she's ready to start staying out of the crate during the day when I'm at work... but, it makes me nervous! I'm not worried about her having accidents... she NEVER does. But, what if she puts something in her mouth? Or starts getting nervous and claws at the walls? She's really calm... but, how do you know when they're ready? If you have a dog and have any advice on this, I'd love to hear it!!!
Also, she's getting fixed on Thursday... poor baby! So, I'm not going to do anything until she's all healed up from that.
Saturday, my mom and I spent ALL DAY shopping for work clothes. Fun times! She even convinced me to order a new pair of Steve Madden's because mine are three years old and they look AWFUL! But, I love them and I especially love the color!
They don't make the ones I have anymore, but I found some that I like even better!
I just love the color. It's perfect with black and brown. And, it matches my hair (which I realize is stupid) which kind of makes them seem like they match anything I wear them with. Ha! I can't wait for them to get here.
Today, we celebrated Matt's birthday with lunch in Cool Springs and then I took Finley to the groomer.
Here's her new look (and crazy tongue)!
It's really short... but, I wanted it short so I won't have to take her back for a while.
And, since I've long since passed over into " crazy dog owner" territory...
she's going to be a bumble bee for Halloween!
You're "awwing"... admit it :)
I think that's all I've got for now. I need to do a school update post. Everything is going good... I've just been super busy. I'll try to get some good material this week.
Have a good week!