October 8, 2012


I don't think I've posted about my house in months... literally. I haven't changed much since I moved in and got it settled. I'm a girl who makes quick decisions and I know what I like so I had it "done" pretty much within a few months of moving in.
But, just because it's presentable does NOT mean that I'm not always on the lookout for furniture and home stuff. I'm a decorator. I get it honest because my mom is too.
 Pretty much every time I go to my parents' house there is something new. And, my mom always took me shopping with her when I was growing up so I kind of learned all about it and enjoy it.
Needless to say, I get very bored with my house after several months and I get the urge to start moving stuff around. It's just what I do. And since I'm on Fall Break, I had all day to play around and make some changes.
The first thing I did was fancy up the front a little :) I hung my Vandy football burlap thingy and set out some pumpkins and mums. I LOVE fall so this was very exciting!
Not much new in here except for some fall accessories.
Oh, and I hung my yarn wreath on the pantry door.
Here's a close-up. I made it last fall and while I liked it on the front door, it was a little small for me. So, it's perfect in the kitchen!
I rearranged this little table in the kitchen/hallway. That's a fake pumpkin with a wreath around it. And, I hung that little platter over my chalkboard. I'm on the lookout for something else to go there but it works for now.
I put some pumpkins on the sofa table in the den.
I also switched out the coffee filter wreath on the windowpane above the couch for a fall wreath. I tried out my new painting above the table beside the couch... but, I didn't like it. It was way too busy with the gallery wall right next to it.
I even added a little fall pillow my mom made me to the chair.
I moved the coffee filter wreath over to this table in the living room. I also moved that lamp over there from across the room.
And, I hung the new painting over the tall bureau. I like it there because I really think it goes great with the curtains in this room. I still need to frame it.
Here's the close-up. Those hydrangeas came from my aunt's garden last Labor Day!
I re-arranged the top of this cabinet, too. And I added a little fall swag on top.
The next room I'm going to show you is the reason this post is called stumped. Because, guys? I can't figure this room out.
Okay, this is my bedroom. Please pay no attention to all Finley's junk. Or my suitcase sitting on the floor. Focus your eyes above the tv because that's what I added today. My theme for this room is teal and red... kind of. So, I was looking in a cabinet and I saw that red wreath and thought "Why not?" I don't know if it will stay but it definitely adds some color to this side of the room. Also, I added those two sconces that have been sitting in my closet for over a year because I didn't know where to put them.
Here's a shot so you can see how it ties in with the rest of the room.
I bought that chevron picture frame at Hobby Lobby this weekend and I am in LOVE. I love the burst of color. And, I also love those mustard yellow candle sticks.
This is my bed. It's so blah. I love the curtains in this room but I am not inspired. The rest of it is so boring. I'm going to TJ Maxx tomorrow and I think I'm going to look for a big chunky shelf to put over the bed and I'm going to take that picture down. It's just so predictable. I'm stumped, though, because it's a HUGE wall. Will a shelf look too bare?
What do you think?
Seriously, I need help.
I also want to find some lamps. I want something more colorful - like red! The lamp in this picture is a mercury glass lamp from Potterybarn so I would still use it somewhere. I just want something brighter in this space...
I'll do an update if I find anything good tomorrow.
As always, thanks for checking in!


RealOCteachers said...

I love your fall decorations. It's really inspiring me to decorate my house for fall. It's hard getting motivated when the weather out here didn't get the memo that it's October, not August! :)

The REAL Teachers of Orange County

Mrs. Anderson said...

Your house looks fabulous!! I love all the fall decorations you've added.
Connie Anderson:)

Anonymous said...

What about some red candles in the candle sconces? Mom