October 6, 2012

Window Shopping

This morning, my mom and I got up realllllly early and headed out to Westhaven because they were having a neighborhood yard sale.
And, well, we were sorely dissapointed.
I guess they had had a neighborhood sneak peek the night before so all the good stuff had already been snatched up. Very sad.
One thing led to another and we found ourselves at Gas Lamp Antique Mall. If you live in Nashville, that's the antique mall that is located above the Staples at Hundred Oaks. I know, I know. Weird location. But, this place is AMAZING!
(It's not as good as the flea market, though. The Nashville Flea Market is possibly the greatest shopping experience you can have. The furniture out there is incredible and much more reasonably priced. I will take some pictures the next time I go and do a blog post... don't you worry!)
This place is huge, to say the least. It takes up two seperate locations! And, I will say, it's generally more expensive than I would like. But, there were good deals scattered about and I'm all about the inspiration, ya know?
I'm getting the decorating bug again... I can feel it.
This booth had amazing painted furniture and I ADORED that twig wreath. I'm thinking I could make one of those...
These two bird prints were TO. DIE. FOR.
How cool is this mirror and those sconces?
I could stand around and look at shelves of antiques all day.
I wanted to buy this entire basket of owl pillows.
I'm not sure this stuff was very "antique" but I loved it all the same.
Everything in this booth was incredible. The garden stool, the red striped lamps, the chevron curtains. Loves it.
Lots of good stuff here...
My next purchase will be a hutch. I either want one with glass doors or open shelves. I really liked this one... but, it was $450 and I know I can find one cheaper at the flea market. Still... it was hard to walk away.
I really like this one, too. Totally different look.
I love this, too. And, that's why I haven't bought anything. I have to decide what I want.
Maybe I just need both styles?
Kidding. Kind of.
Here's what I bought. Excuse the picture, I obviously took it in the car. But, it's an AWESOME oil painting. I saw it and instantly wanted it. The colors are amazing and it was only $30! I do need to buy a frame for it but that's no problem.
And here's the latest picture of Finley, since a blog post isn't complete without one.
Have a great weekend!


Mystery Shopping Services said...

An antique mall is always a good place to shop. Those are great finds. Thanks for sharing your window shopping experience with your mom. :))