November 2, 2012

An Ode to Duck Dynasty

I mentioned in my last post that I'm currently obsessed with Duck Dynasty. This should come as no surprise to anyone. I'm the kind of girl who notices a show (usually about a year after everyone else does), watches every episode available in one weekend and then can speak of nothing else.
And, that's just what happened to me over Fall Break.
Comcast had all of Season 1 on demand and I literally sat on the couch for two days and watched them all.
If you don't watch this show... do yourself a favor and tune in some time.
It's a classic.
I'm sure you know all about it.
 But, in case you don't, here is the Cliff's Notes version:
The Robertson family, from Monroe, Louisiana (aka REDNECKS) are millionaires because they run the Duck Commander company. They make duck calls. But, it's still a "Mom and Pop" corporation. Oh, and they are about as country as country can be.
Let me introduce you to their awesomeness.
First up, we have Phil. Phil is the father to Willie and Jase. He's raised his family in the country and he's very concerned that his now-rich grandchildren are going to grow up to be "subdivision yuppies." In fact, that's about the worst thing he can imagine.
He repeatedly tells his grandsons that a girl's looks don't matter. All that matters is if she can cook. Preferably roadkill...
Phil's brother Si (I guess short for Silas?) is arguably the funniest guy in a cast of hilarious people. He's set in his ways and opinionated.
(He's talking about fourth graders at Career Day, by the way...)
Phil's son Willie is the CEO of the company. I guess he's the "smart" one.
Jase is my favorite. He's Willie's brother. He has all these fun ideas and cooks up all these ridiculous schemes that get everybody in trouble. Oh, and all he wants to do in life in catch bullfrogs.
All Jase's idea.
I concur.
Oh, and Ms. Kay is Phil's wife and Jase and Willie's mom.
That's really all you need to know about Ms. Kay.
Jase and Willie are both married and have kids. So, of course there are all kinds of kid shenanigans, too.
It's just an epic show. I laugh out loud every single episode. More than once.
I promise, if you watch it, you'll be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!


Kate H said...

I feel as though we would be good, good friends laughing over them "frawgs" and "only good beaver is a ded beaver" comments. Love. This. Show!!!!! Jase is my favorite, too.

Anonymous said...

Love duck dynasty!!!!!!!! I live in Louisiana so I'm not they far away from them. My dad's buddy saw uncle Si in an airport in Atlanta, Georgia. They rode together on the plane to New Orleans. I <3 Cole, Jase's son. He's really cute.