November 5, 2012

Need Some Laughs?

 I was looking at the pictures on my iPhone this afternoon and I realized there was some funny stuff that I hadn't blogged about. So, this is my attempt to catch up and share all the shenanigans that go on around me every day :)
1. Last week, a sweet little girl from my class last year passed me in the hallway. Usually, when kids from my past classes pass me in the hall they wave, smile or give me a hug if they get the chance. What did this precious angel do? She walked by, nodded her head like a gangster and said "What up, Ridings?"
Come again?
I'll be honest. My first instinct was to bust out laughing. Because, I mean, it's funny when a six year old girl with pigtails and a lisp goes all ghetto, right? But, I had to get it together and give her the "respect adults" speech. I know she was just joking and trying to make me laugh and she's probably (okay, definitely)  heard me say things like that jokingly before.
(Just substitute this man with a cute little girl. Just do it in your head. And try not to laugh. It's hard, right?)
It still makes me laugh to think about it.
2. We had our Fall Festival a few weeks ago.

Let me tell you, it was a CLASSY event! Here we have our school secretary with a balloon stuffed up her shirt. Pretending to be pregnant. Just because.
I've been trying to convince her to make this her profile picture...
3. After Finley got spayed, she had some issues. She wasn't getting better and she was sleeping ALL the time and she wouldn't stop licking at her incision. So, I took her back up to the vet to bring all this up. They assured me that she was okay and that it just takes tiny dogs longer to recover. Oh, and they had a BRILLIANT solution to all the licking. Are you ready for this?
They put my precious puppy in a onesie!
(And, I'm sorry, but between the cone and the baby clothes she looked positively ridiculous. Every time I looked at her I busted up laughing and could not stop.)
And, now, for my new favorite picture of all time...
The poor thing fell asleep on my bed and she looked sooooo funny laying like that that I woke her up laughing. I'm a bad person.
But, I couldn't help it.
4. Halloween night, I went to vote and then I headed out to Franklin to see my parents. I was driving and I stopped at a red light. I looked down at Finley and this is what I saw:
She likes the feeling of the crate on her gums for some reason so she actually does this all the time. But, it still makes me laugh. I think between the cone and the bulging eyes and the massive gums... she's never looked worse.
5. Today, I was reading Harry Potter to the kids in our after school program. I noticed one little boy had a smudge on his forehead. So, I whispered "Buddy, I think you got some pencil on your face." And, he giggled at me with his cute little face and said "I know! I wanted a scar like Harry Potter!"
All together now: "AWWWWWW!"
(And, also, HA!)
Hope you have a great (and funny) week!