December 3, 2012

And, Findo Was Her Name-O...

  Finley has a lot of nicknames.
Fin, Finwee and Finny were the ones I used the most.
And then, Finley met Charles. Charles is my cousin Lauren's little boy.
And, he called her "Finwee Dog."
Every single time.
So, it kind of stuck. My mom and dad even called her Finley Dog. It has a nice ring to it, you have to admit. It rolls right off your tongue.
Then, Finley Dog got shortened to Fin Dog.
And, now it's just Findo.
In elementary school, I played softball for this guy and he called everybody with "o" at the end of their name. So, for an entire year, I was Linzo. And, my family still calls me that. I absolutely hate it. But, yet, I call Finley Findo about half the time.
Go figure.
Love that girl.
Whatever her name is....


Alisha Colon said...

What a sweet girl!

I love your blog & design! It's fantastic!

I've nominated you for a Liebster award!

Read all about it HERE

:) Alisha
First Grade Follies