December 15, 2012

Just sad.

I was going to post this weekend about persuasive writing.
But, after the devastation at Sandy Hook Elementary yesterday, I realize that it's so not important.
As a teacher, you obviously do every thing you can do to teach your students. The goal is for them to learn and we get very caught up in that. But, this weekend more than any other, I realize that my job is SO MUCH MORE than teaching kids multiplication facts and suffixes.
My job is keep my kids safe.
My job is to make sure my kids FEEL safe.
My job is to love them.
And, it's not even a job. I do it because... how could you not? They're precious and sweet and innocent. All of them.
I keep hearing stories about teachers at Sandy Hook who hid their kids in closets and cabinets and bathrooms. Who told the shooter that their kids were in the gym when they were, in fact, 5 feet away... hiding. Who pulled kids out of the hallways and into their rooms to protect them. Who held them in their laps and prayed over them while gunshots rang out.Those teachers are heroes.
I take comfort in knowing that most teachers in most schools would do the same. I know I would. I would do everything in my power to protect my kids. Everything. Any of us would.
I've been praying for the families of the innocent kindergartners who were killed. All children are innocent... but, kindergartners are the most innocent. All children are defenseless... but, kindergartners are the most defenseless. It's just so sad.
I feel for all the other children who will never again feel safe in school. School should be the one place (besides home) that a child feels safe and secure. I'm sorry that those children lost their innocence yesterday.  
I'm so incredibly thankful for the 21 hugs I got at the end of the day yesterday and for the sweet blessing those kids are to my life.
I plan to spend next week just enjoying them. Just loving them. I don't need to be sitting at my computer doing report cards while they're watching The Grinch. I need to be sitting on the floor watching it with them and enjoying them and our time together.
All the other stuff can wait.
They are my priority. They are why I chose this profession. It's so easy to get bogged down with everything else.

But, I want to be in the MOMENT with them.

That's just what I intend to do.