January 25, 2013

About a Month Late...

Here are some pictures from Christmas. My blog was having issues: mainly, I couldn't post pictures. And, I was having issues: mainly, I didn't want to blog. But, I hate to not post all these pics about our holiday. It really was good.
This little creature gets very nervous when I bring out the luggage. She KNOWS what it means and she always wants to make sure she's coming with me!

And, here's her first ornament! It looks a lot like her, I have to say!

We spent a lot of time watching sports. Well, they did. I was mostly upstairs watching stuff on Netflix.

This was her favorite place to lay when the tree was set up. I don't know why, but she kept going back to it! She's weird, guys.

And, she spent so much time playing that she would have to take a little siesta in her crate. So cute :)

Christmas morning smiles :)

Matt and I found a bunch of pictures of us from when we were kids at my grandpa's house. So, we had a lot of fun tweeting these and making fun of each other.

We had a hey-day with this one! Look at the boy's weenie socks!

The Fam.

Aunt Blakely got Finley and Hampton some snowflake pajamas. Check out that shaggy hair. She got groomed soon after and looks much better now :)

See! This is her "Best in Show" pose, I'm pretty sure. Don't tell her she's not a pure-breed!

How's that for comfy?

Playing with kiddos

Her grandma is pretty much her best friend.

We had a great holiday!

I can't believe it was a month ago....