January 2, 2013

Anchor Down

So, I don't know if you follow SEC football.
If you do, you know that for YEARS Vanderbilt has been the joke of the conference.
Well, not any more.
Thanks to this guy right here:
Vanderbilt Football is an exciting thing!
Don't believe me?
-They currently hold the longest winning streak in the SEC - 7 games.
-They had their first 9 win season since 1915!
-They attended 2 bowl games in 2 years. (Stop laughing, that's never happened before!)
-They beat 7 SEC teams this year. And, I've heard all the "They only beat those teams because they're not as good." Well, um, isn't that the point? You're SUPPOSED to beat teams that are not as good as you. And they did. They used to get beat every year to teams like Ole Miss and Auburn and Tennessee and now they beat them. So, what's the problem? And, just saying, they played Florida and USC VERY close!
-They beat UT for like the second time in 28 years. This in particular feels good because, I'll just say it, I hate UT. Their players are thugs. Living in Nashville, I've always had to hear how UT was so superior. It's been fun to have a successful year at the exact same time UT self-imploded. It was awesome yesterday after Vandy's win to hear all the UT fans calling in to the radio stations upset. Before, they didn't care enough about Vandy to even waste their time. They care now. I love it!
-They have a top recruiting class next year for the first time ever.
It's especially exciting because we're not fair-weather fans. I've been going to games since I was a kid. Games where the stands were half empty. Games where Vandy found a way to lose again and again. Games where there were a LOT more fans for the other team than for the home team. Games where we couldn't give our extra tickets away.
It's all thanks to James Franklin. He's a fiesty, fun guy with a football-field sized personality. And, he's done something that no other Vanderbilt coach has done: he's made people believe. He made the players believe. He made the students believe. He made the fans believe. He made Nashville believe.
He's got people, young and old, throwing up the "VU" gang sign on the streets of Nashville, for crying out loud.
Yesterday, we went to the Music City Bowl to cheer them on. We were all really dissapointed that the game was in Nashville... because, honestly, the fun of a bowl game is to travel.
But, looking back at it, I think it was perfect.
It was awesome to see 55,000 people at the game. And, NC State probably had about 5,000 people there. It was all Vandy fans and that was really fun.
We left the house at 7 because it was of upmost importance that we be at the "Player Walk." I don't really know what it's called... but, we line up and yell and the players and coaches walk through on their way into the stadium.
Matt and Blakely came with us. Blake's a huge UT fan, but we're trying to convert her. Otherwise, their future kids will be so confused...
My dad was so cold he refused to smile. But, FYI, he's the biggest Vanderbilt fan there is. He doesn't miss a basketball or football game.
The Commodore led the way!
Then came the band, playing our fight song "Dynamite."
The players walked through looking sooooo serious.
Coach Franklin
Our seats were in the endzone, which I don't love. It's hard to see what's happening on the field from that angle! Luckily, LP Field has some new massive screens to help you out :)
We all discovered it's impossible to use your iPhone with gloves on... so we got a little creative - ha! It was so cold. It sleeted for half the game. The guy behind me said "It's raining Dippin' Dots right now!" and everybody died laughing because it honestly looked like it was!
After they won, the whole team ran over to the student section and sang the alma mater and the fight song.
It was a really fun day and a perfect way to ring in the new year!
I'm so proud of Vandy and their hard work this season.
And, just because I love it, I'll end this post with my favorite Vanderbilt football YouTube video. It's worth watching: trust me :)
Go Dores!!


Marianna Dunn said...

booo - I'm a State fan. kind of, haha, y'all definitely deserved to win that game with the way we played...