January 14, 2013

Catching Up is Hard to Do-oo...

So, I remembered I had a blog today.
Not even kidding.
I was home sick from school because I've had an awful stomach flu. I started to finally feel better this afternoon... so I got on the computer.
And, I was like "Oh yeah! My blog. Wow, it's been a loonnggg time since I posted on there!"
And then I fell asleep.
But, I'm awake now and it's icing like crazy outside and fingers are crossed that we will not have school tomorrow!  Why is it that you feel so much more cozy on nights when it's freezing and sleeting and snowing outside? Because, I feel pretty dang cozy right now.

Anyways, I went to post some pictures... and my picture upload bar is missing? I looked into this (read: I googled it) and apparently this is happening right now? On lots of people's blogs? Is it happening to you, too? It's seriously irritating, I'll tell ya' that.

So, since I can't post any new pictures and update you on what's been going on (don't get excited: the answer to that is pretty much nothing), I'm going to take this chance to post some pictures from Matt and Blakley's wedding via Facebook. The pictures finally came in and they are GORGEOUS! And, I wanted to do a post to share them so... now's as good a time as any, right?

Look at the bride and smile!


Our new family!

The Ridings Clan

Blakely and Abby

I'm horrible at the "Be Carefree and Crazy" shots!

Seriously adorable :)

Wedding Party

Matty and I

Getting ready...

Rehearsal Dinner

They were so proud of this one :) They talked about it all night!

Holding hands, but not looking at each other :)

Picture of the Parentals

Guys, how cute is my mom?

Three Generations

Okay, that's all I've got. Hopefully Blogger will fix these shenanigans and I can post again soon! As always, thanks for reading!