January 24, 2013

The Thunder Girls Club

This week has been rough, guys. Just one of those weeks where we've been OFF. Nothing major has gone wrong, but then again, nothing major has gone right. I think having Mondays off are great. Nobody loves a lazy day more than me, honestly. But, it does throw off the whole week. And, then you go home on Tuesday and you realize half the week has gone by and it's now Thursday night and I still don't have lesson plans done for next week.
And, to top it all off, we had a resurgence of the Thunder Girls Club. I don't think I ever told you about the Thunder Girls Club.
Sit back, this is good.
About two months ago, I found a piece of paper on the floor in my classroom after school. I, of course, did what every self-respecting teacher does when they find a note on the floor and ripped that sucker open hoping for something juicy. I found a note that basically said:
Dear _____, You're invited to join the Thunder Girls Club. We will meet at recess. Don't tell anybody.
Like I said: JUICY.
So, the next day, I called over the little girl who I thought had written it based on handwriting. I asked her about it and she IMMEDIATELY burst into tears. Like, burst. Oh, and she denied it. So, I finally get out of her that she and another little girl had written it. I wasn't mad or anything, I was just asking them about it.
They told me that the club meets at recess and sit together at lunch. I asked them who was in the club and they named every girl in our class except one and they said they were working on her invitation next.
So, I just casually asked out loud, "Who's heard of the Thunder Girls Club?" And, I looked out and every girl was raising their hands... and TWO  BOYS! I honestly just laughed out loud. I mean, the image of all the girls and then two boys with their hands up was the funniest thing ever.
I asked them what they would do if somebody from another class wanted to be in their club and one of them said "Well, we already got Mariana!" She's a kid in the class across the hall. And, excuse me, you "got" her?
It's too funny. And, I think what impresses me most is how organized they were! Goodness, they had handwritten invitations that they worked on one at a time! And, all the girls started pulling out matching bookmarks that someone had made them that said "Bring this to the meetings." HA!
And, the name. Where did they get the name? That's too funny.

I know what their club song could be:

Third graders love AC/DC, right?
Sadly, I put an end to the Thunder Girls Club.
Or, so I thought.
Fast forward to today. I went to pick up my kiddos from lunch and the cafeteria lady was waiting for me at the door. Never a good sign. She said "The Thunder Girls are all crying! They've been fighting all week."
How does the cafeteria lady know about the Thunder Girls??
Why are we still dealing with this 2 months later?
Needless to say, we had a looooong talk after lunch and, fingers crossed, we took care of it. I've got to say, this is all new to me. We did not deal with this stuff in first grade at all.
To top it all off, we spent some of the afternoon learning about Europe. We're working our way around all the continents. I said something about the Queen of England. One little boy goes "I think her name is Queen Latifah." And the kid sitting next to him goes, "Yeah. It is. I'm pretty sure."
So, just to clarify:

The Queen of England
NOT the Queen of England.
But, I bet she'd love to be in the Thunder Girls Club!


Beth said...

This post made me chuckle... a lot. :)

Lori said...

I am just cracking up with laughter about the "Queen" comment. Kids are hilarious.
Teaching the provinces and territories of Canada I asked my Grade 3 students which province is an island...a boy answered: Hawaii lol.
Thanks for your blog. You make my day.