March 10, 2013

Around Here...

Yep, I disappeared again. Not even going to apologize this time... because, it wouldn't be sincere. We are right in the midst of TCAP count-down and my mind has pretty much only been focused on one thing.
And, when it's not focused on TCAP, I'm pretty much laying horizontally in my bed mindlessly pinning beautiful rooms I'll never have, recipes I'll never make and puppies I'll never own on Pinterest. But, I tell ya, it's a great stress reliever!
Also a great stress reliever?
I've updated a few things around the house the last few weekends. Nothing major, but my mom keeps telling me to update my blog so I figure this is about as exciting as it gets around here...
I'll start with my bedroom.
The Target by my house closed last month. I know, I know. It's a modern day tragedy. But, as they were slowly emptying their shelves, they kept marking stuff down, down, down. So, I got a new white duvet for $34! And, I decided to buy some fun new pillows to add to my teal and red scheme.
I know it's all wrinkled. It's just... well, Finley pretty much lives up there.  I think the colors tie in nicely with the curtains in this room and some of the accessories.

I bought a few odds and ends for the rest of the house.
This awesome teal basket also came from Target! It's perfect for Finley's toys and it brings a pop of color to my den.
I finally bit the bullet and bought this vase from Anthropologie that I've been CRAVING for about a million years.
I got this cool, colorful plant thingy from Kirkland's. It was on the cheap and I love how it fills out this table that has seemed random for a long time. And, when I took this picture, I realized that I hadn't changed the quote on that chalkboard in a LONG time. It may or may not have been a Christmas quote. So, I took care of that and I hung a platter above it that my mom got me.
Oh, and on the wall above the pantry, I hung my Nashville sign. Don't even be thinking that it's new. Oh no. I got that around Christmas time. It's just been resting against the wall... waiting for me to rescue it.
And speaking of the pantry, I also did this:
Woo hoo!!
 I just kept randomly opening the door and staring at it when I was finished. That's not weird, is it? I'm not done either. There's lots of wall space in the pantry so I'm going to buy something to hang up in there for more storage. Stay tuned.
I got this really fun candleholder at The Fabric House and it fits perfectly in this little nook above my sink.
And, I bought this fun bench at TJ Maxx for a steal! I've been wanting something to put under this shelf to make it a little "mud roomish." I'm thinking about getting some baskets to put under it to store some of Finley's stuff and shoes.
Looking at this picture, that shelf looks really junky. It doesn't look junky to me in person, but pictures don't lie. That may be my next project....
I made a Pinterest-inspired burlap wreath for my front door two weekends ago. I love it, but I can't wait to add some plants out front to make it a little more welcoming.
Okay, last update. If you've read this blog for a while, you know my front room, which is technically supposed to be a dining room but I don't really "dine" so I turned it into a sitting room, has given me all kinds of trouble. The main problem is that I've been trying to decorate it with odds and ends and it needs some more substantial furniture. I realize this. But, honestly, who has the money to just go buy all new furniture? So, I just keep tweaking and moving it all around hoping I'll stumble across an arrangement that makes it feel like a room.
So, today, I moved the little loveseat over in front of the window. And, I wasn't really crazy about it until I got the idea to add the lamp (whihc has been in a closet forEVER)! I kind of like it now.
I felt like it was a little busy with the curtains and the pillows so I moved the pillows around.
And, then I liked it even more! Much calmer.
I moved the bright pillow over to the chair and I liked how it brought some much-needed color to the other side of the room.
(Please ignore the puppy crate. A certain someone has to sleep downstairs sometimes so she doesn't wake people up at 3 a.m. Allegedly.)
I obviously took all these pictures before I switched the pillows around.
 But, guys? I kind of like it!
What I don't like is this wall:
I LOVE the wooden architecture piece on the table. LOVE IT. But, it's massive. I don't know what else to do with it. And I think it'd be really weird to hang anything else on this wall, don't you? So, I'm stumped. Any suggestions?
Sorry that was so long, friends. It's what happens when you only blog once a month... which is quickly becoming my habit. And, until TCAP is over, I don't see the trend stopping. But Spring Break is next week and I'm off for TWO WEEKS! After a quick trip to LBL with the second graders and another quick trip to Paducah to see my cousin's new baby, I'll be home for a few days and I have some home projects planned. So, I'll do my best to update the blog.
Okay, Mom??


luckeyfrog said...

Your house has such great style! It feels quirky and trendy, but it feels personal and lived-in, too.

Sometimes life keeps us busy :) Good luck with your testing (we just did some last week, and will do more next week) and enjoy your SPRING BREAK! So jealous that you have two weeks off.

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